Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!

It's been a while since i wrote anything on this blog. Been busy with everyday life...yeah..who's not? shud've make the time instead of letting the time decide, aite?

This is my first post of the NEW YEAR everyone!!! i guessed it's not too's just five day away from 01012012..2012 is now 5 days old. How fast time flies!...

New year comes with new games..let alone new clothes..Everything's marks the fresh marks new beginning of new challenge..that is why we were celebrating it all over the world...because the new it's not going to be the same as old one..indeed.

My new 'thing' is almost nothing. i have the same incomplete last year's resolution..last decade i guessed..which of course to loose lots of weight (never accomplish it so far!)...despite the fact that it keeps jumping up and down and up again, i've modified this resolution from losing weight to be healthy...that looks like achievable..hmmm...depending how we define healthy, i guessed..happy is another way of healthy life, aite? Janji aku x sakit sudah dan jantung dapat berfungsi dengan baik untuk membekalkan darah ke otak dan seluruh anggota badan yang lain..eceh! (cakap je la ko x pnah berjaye loose weight jimah oii..!) <--- oh! i really have to loose some weight! One of my closest friend is getting married and i wanted to look fabulous at her reception! ohhhh...sape nak sponsor saye amek class power plate sile angkat tangaaann!!!....

If last year during this time i had been counting days of my annual leaves for vacations and trips, surprisingly, this year i have no plan of any vacation at all....nan hado! i didn't manage to secure any flight to i guessed it's gonna be a quite year ahead. But i target to have at least one big trip this year...say, New Zealand, anyone? Ohhh...marilah ajak aku buat part time taking off agar dapat kumpol duit pegi trip idaman!

Career life! Planned to change company since end of last year..but looking at the economic situation these's hard to predict anything at all..but still, if i've got the chance to pursue myself to gain new experience with a great salary, then, why not?! Changes can affected positively. For the moment, just stay in the current company and do the usual job...but, with new spirit of more productive just in my almost 5th year of career life..there's still a lot to learn. Oh, just to share..i had an interview today in a super big developer company (like at least 3 times bigger than my current company) was the toughest interview that i ever attended...very challenging. But anyway, it's too early to tell anything now. There'll be a next stage if i passed the one i had this evening. But it'll be a new challenge if i get the job! New experience offered as well. Tapi rezeki masing2 Allah dah ditentukan kan..jadi let's pray for a better career opportunity this year.

Relationship?! Not in my list at the moment. I want to focus more on building up my career. Tapi kalau ade jodoh yang datang bergolek, masakan aku nak tolak. Itu menidakkan rezeki dari Allah namanye.

Seems like no changes planned for this year...or, maybe i'm just a bad planner?! i don't know! it's still early to expect any glory for this year..still striving to achieve anything...still striving for a better stable life...still and always will be..

I just hope that i'll be a better person than i am in last year. Better in all aspects. Every aspects.

So, good luck with your year everyone! let's go and get going!

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