Monday, 28 November 2011

weekend get away

Hai friends..

It's been a long time since i visit here...been off for an awesome short weekend trip to singapore...

It was tiring but i had great time..will update you on that later...trip to gold coast pon x habes lgi update nye..

Right now..i am lying on my bed, feeling sick and tired with running nose..not sure whether i'll be well enough for work tommorrow..but i cant call sick to finish up my presentation paper at work..deymm!

Ok guys..i'm off now..pray for my wellness, will ya? Thanks..have a great day everybody! (sile bace dengan tone host barney & friends)

Peace yaw!

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Friday, 25 November 2011

WW = Wise Women

Wise women don't compete.

She just too in love with herself that makes everybody around her fall in love with her.

Wise women won't hurt another women's heart by stealing a heart.

She just simply put her heart in a jar and hoping a strong, brave n kind heart will open it.

Wise women won't get her ego high.

She just let an ego goes down by itself.

.......Enough said.


The world is what is all aROUND you.

And yes, the word 'round' is always been used because the world,  the earth, is literally spherical. It moves just like a moving ball in its own axis.

That is why, sometimes you are up in the sky high and sometimes you are at the deepest sea. When you are in antarctica, you wont know when you're gonna get to the artic ocean. And if you are lucky enough, you'll be stuck at the equator.

BALANCE in life is what's the best. Too much of power will make you loss and powerless brings you nowhere. So when you feel like you have the power, maybe it's good to look down and appreciates the one who gives you to feel the power. And if you're fell powerless, it's time for you to work hard and strive to get some powers.

When you're up, don't ever look down to people. Because you'll never know that maybe someday that people will jump higher than you. Do not underestimate people because you don't know their capabilities and talent. One day A is a CEO and B is an exec, but the other day, B may be a Managing Director which A got to report to.

Life is about being balance. The world may be round, but life is about getting to the middle.

Friday, 18 November 2011

The time, time travels

Yerp..teringat citer the time traveller's wife..bagi sape yang dah menonton citer tu mesti korang akan berangan dapat superpower macam tu..dapat travels through time..pasti ade banyak mende yang nak di ubah di mase lepas so that we'll have a better future..

Yes..time travels super duper fast nowadays..sedar tak sedar we're already in the middle of November of 2011 which means it'll took another one and a half month to the end of 2011..teringat mase awal tahun dulu..i was so excited to go through this year with lots of plan ahead.. i had anticipate that its going to be a busy year..and it is a busy year. I still remember i was smiling and excited thinking about vacations and trips that i was gonna have this year..all four of them, Krabi, Kota Kinabalu, Europe and Gold Coast, Australia.. and all these four has happened...i've ended it in last October..and i missed each one of them..

Along the way, i gained so much experiences, saw so much thing, did lots of activities, had so much was really great time with family and friends. And i am grateful to Allah to give me such chances..

Betul kata orang2 tua..jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan..those 'pemandangan' cannot be describe by words..ok, boleh, tapi x will not feel the same way as the person who experience always been that'll never know the real feeling unless you really in it..really experience it physically and mentally..rasa dengan kelima-lima deria yang dikurniakan Allah SWT..that is why i urged all my friends to go out and experience yourself..the experience will definitely open up your mind and heart and you'll be grateful for that..

Masa yang diberikan pada kita tak panjang..moreover, we will never know when the Death Angel will come visiting. Jadi masa ni lah kene gunakan sepenuhnya. Life is about learning to balance things up..there's a says that aura yang baik adalah aura yang berada di tengah2 dan seimbang...and i believe it's true..Agama pun menuntut kite bersederhana/wasatiah iaitu berada di tengah-tengah...mungkin setiap org mempunyai angan-angan dan impian yang berbeza..but getting out from your comfort zone is the'll let you learned new things..something that you don't know before.. and since time doesnt wait, we have to move fast..make faster decision and act faster...

The worlds is getting older..looking at her condition now, i come to realize that there are lesser time for me to go see other part of the choked me when thinking bout so many countries and places i haven't see..Korea, Japan, India, New Zealand, Middle it...those are countries i never explore..damn they were good places and must visit...

Every single human have the same 24 hours in a day..not a single human being have one single extra second..not one..the question is, how do we fill it...apart from our 'routine', do we actually do SOMEthing? Do we gain anything from that SOMEthing we did? Do we know that SOMEthing is really worthy? I personally envy friends who's married and have kids. From my point of view, having your own family (with your life partner and kids) is life's ultimatum...tapi i percaya Allah dah tetapkan rezeki dan jodoh masing2..and pals, meramaikan khalifah Allah di bumi is the most noble thing in the world..please do proud of it and be grateful that you had the chance to do it..

So, dun even think that your life is sucks when you sees other people travel all round the world and do all kind of activities..because the most important thing is what did you do with the TIME that has been given to you...

Now i'm thinking what i need to do with mine...and really do it...!

Now? it's already 2.45am and i think i need to sleep..

p.s:/ I always say that if i have another life, i wanted to be a surgeon! haha..tu la..dulu belajar malas..dah x dapat jadi dokter dan buat keluarga bangga..haha..

Gold Coast ~ Part 4

Ok peeps..we're in Part 4 already..which means it's my 3rd day in GC..16th October 2011..

Its beautiful sunny Sunday and the plan for today is shoppinggg!! What?! Another shopping session?! What to say..perempuan kan...

Ok, since its Sunday, we chosed to visit Carrara Market. This market is only opens on weekends..Since the review is quite good, which says that we may get good bargain for souvenir, we think it'll be worth to spend some time here.

This market located quite far from town. We've got to take two busses to get there and the journey took us more than 45 minutes plus more minutes to wait for the right bus to come. But since we'd become specialist in Translink, we were safe from taking the wrong bus..not lost this time..phew!! our precious time saved.

The Carrara Market is located in Carrara! haha..actually its near Nerang-Broadbeach Road. That is why we need to take two buses to come here..1st is to take bus going to Gold Coast Airport which will take you along Gold Coast Highway Road..then do stop at in front of Gold Coast Convention and take another bus going to Broadbeach which will bring you along Nerang-Broadbeach Road...

We reached there at was hot and sunny and yet we need to walk about 400metres from the bus stop to the market..

Dari jauh Carrara Market nampak macam kawasan perindustrian. Its basically lots of blocks of warehouse in one place with narrow path in between. Unlike Philipinos Market in KK which all booths in one big warehouse, the shops here is well separated with partitions. Each unit sells different types of things..there's lots and lots of units that sells vaaaaarrriiioooouusss types of things...when i say various, it was like so many fucking damn things sold it, every single item from rare, antiques, souvenir, toys, shirts, dress, lingerie, handbags, jewellery, books, kitchens appliances, decorative items are sold here..dont get me wrong,..this market is nothing like Pacific Fair or Harbour Town. This market is a place if you're looking for fake and re-use or 2nd hand items..more like our Petaling Street. Its just that this market do offer rare items, like really rare. To be precise, its more like Pasar Karat in Johor Bahru (night market in JB town) but with a lot more items..

If you wish to know further what sold in the market, u might want to visit this web..

We shopped for souvenir sila lakukan aktiviti tawar menawar di sini ok. Display price is quite high comparatively. In order to do that, please do some price survey at other places so that u'll have some indication on the price range. It'll help you from being bluffed by the seller..

Kitorg stop kat satu stall jual barang souvenir..a chinese aunty yang jual..sume pakat beli kedai die..sampai pening aunty nie kitorg tawar..pening2 pon untung besar...jadi takpe..kite pembeli, dia penjual and customers is always right kan? Untuk menghargai kami, die bagi souvenir beg sorang satu..tpi yang tak bestnye, cacat rupenye beg says AUSTALIA instead of AUSTRALIA..patut la bagi free..hampeh punye aunty..tertipu kitorg..cet!

And some of the items being sold here...
gothic, bukan?..perh..kalau ade saiz ni mau aku beli nie...simpan buat pakai malam pertama..awww!!
strawberry celop cokelat..
this one caught my eyes...menarik gile signboard2 ni sume..x beli sbb malas nak carry bawak balik..kalau bungkus lam beg kang bengkok plak..haha..
decorative items..isk..cantik2..kalau bawak contena..mau aku beli nih! (peh, cam byk duit pon..)

more deco items

toys and models

used and rare items
There's also some activities to do here..but not suitable for us lah obviously..heheh..

ponies...mau pengsan pony ni kalau kitorg naik..heh..

bungy trampoline...amacam..korang ade berani..kalau aku takut x ter bungy je..static je..terlampau berat untuk melantun..haha
baling syiling dan wished for a handsome and rich husband..haha..

We finished there at almost noon. Had to walk another half kilometers to the bus stop with extremely hot weather and shopping items in both of our hands (wished we rented a car instead!). We straight back to our apartment. Tak larat weyh nak hangkot barangan shopping ke hulur ke,we decided to go back first before our next activity..

We planned for having a nice swim at Wet and Wild Theme Park, but we were going to Harbour Town instead. Another shopping session! Kuat shopping btol budak2 nih..haha..

Harbour Town is not so far from our apartment..its just 15 minutes journey by bus and there were plenty of buses available to ride on.

Harbour Town is another version of Pacific Fair Shopping Centre but it is sooooo much better. Like SOOO MUCHHH..if you're happened to be in GC, come here and skip Pacific Fair. I regretted the time we spent at Pacific Fair, since Harbour Town offers much more with very good price. This is the shopping heaven just like YORK FACTORY OUTLET which i visited during my trip to Leeds, UK.

Harbour Town offers branded items in good price. It's a very good bargain here. You may get more info on what outlets available here from this website..

Menarik, bukan..? i shopped like a princess here. More options with cheaper price here. Bought quite lotsa thing here..dresses, shirts, shoes, handbags..damn i wished i had more money (we always wish that!)

Oh, and there's one souvenir shop here that offer much lower price than those we bought this morning in Carrara Market. Shit! Wished we discovered this place much earlier. Heh!

us @ courtyard of Harbour Town

while waiting for bus..going back to our apartment with our shopping goods
super delicious strawberry
Oh, this place closed at 5.30pm. Oh why they close so damn early? That is the difference of working hours here from Malaysia..regardless whether you're working in office or opening a business, you'll work till 5.30pm only! The rest of the hour is yours and your family's.. tapi kite shoppers la rase x puas..T.T

So that night we had plenty of time. We didnt go downtown tonight. Just had a good rest, cooked and had dinner together. Since we had longer time at night, the chef cooked special dishes for us..look what we had that night...
kari daging ok..siap potato salad lagi tauu...errhh..tetibe rindu kat potato salad itu..
Ingat malam tu nak berendam kat kolam, tapi last2 sume tertido kepenatan akibat aktiviti shopping tahap gune byk tenaga dan otak ok!! Haha..

The next day was gloomy..but again, we survived..akan diceritakan di next entry yer..

motip taruk gamba ni?!! Sebab aku rase aku cun dlm gamba ni!! Hhahahah...p.s:/ bukan dalam gamba ni je tau..real pon cun hapeee..(peh, angkat bakul nek lif)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bagai Racun

Oooohhhh *tangan atas dahi*...bace blog adelah seperti racun...

Saye x boleh berenti dari satu post ke satu post yang laen...

dan skarang..saye terlekat dengan membace blog2 travellers yang ini:

entri-entri diorg have occupied me all day long..

Collegue kat sebelah dah jeling2..bile keje depan mate ni nak jalan..surat dah meninggi dalam tray nak kene balas..deymmm..

Sanggup x pegi lunch sebab nak bace blog..dan skarang dah lapar... (padahal baru bedal goreng pisang berkati-kati!)

Bahaye niiii bahaye...malam kang harus tido 3 pagi bace entry2 dorg...tapi kene layan TIN-TIN ADVENTURE kat GSC dulu...hoyyeehhh!!

p.s/: Tetibe ade matlamat baru..nak pegi NEW ZEALANNNNDDD!!!

Monday, 14 November 2011


This song has caught my ears while i was driving in the rain just now...

Moved my heart in some way that i can't describe...missing something/someone? Maybe..sometimes its hard to let it go...then, maybe letting my heart drown a bit might brought it to a higher place..i hope...

SKYSCRAPER - Demi Lovato

Skies are crying, I am watching
Catching tear drops in my hands
Only silence, as it's ending
Like we never had a chance

Do you have to make me feel like
So there's nothing left of me?

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

As the smoke clears, I awaken
And untangle you from me
Would it make you, feel better
To watch me while I bleed?
All my windows still are broken
But I'm standing on my feet

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

Go run, run, run
I'm gonna stay right here, watch you disappear
Yeah oh
Go run, run, run
Yeah, it's a long way down
But I am closer to the clouds up here

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Oh Oh
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

how your life will benefit others

Mama  cakap arwah ayah slalu brought up this question :

"Macam mana caranya supaya kehidupan kita boleh bagi manfaat kepada orang lain?"

I wonder how my life has benifited others..

Tiba2 rase mulianya pekerjaan seorg guru atau doktor..

But i hope i still can benifits other although im neither a teacher nor a doctor..

I hope..i really hope..

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Apa Sebenarnya Yang Kita Nak Buat dalam Hidup?

Soalan ni tiba2 muncul dalam fikiran aku...

And i know this question will sometimes cross our mind especially when we're in discussion with friends while having teh tarik session and listening to everyone who is bragging about their success in life..(takpe..dengar je..then digest..sbb you can take other people stories in 2 different, you can be truthfully inspired by them, or kau boleh anggap "elleeehh...kau hanye nak berlagak je kan ngn cerite2 kau tu kan?"..either way, confidence level si pencerita will boost up dengan menceritakan kejayaan hidup dia..jadi anggap tu satu pertolongan)

But, no matter how much we heard other people's story, all the story will come back to us..made us think why and why we can't be as success as them..

Everybody has been brought up differently. The way we've been brought up has shaped us and turned us into who we are. It'll influence our pattern of thought, our attitude and our goal and desires. That is the fact that cannot be denied.

Persoalan "Apa sebernarnya yang kita nak buat dalam hidup" adalah berbeza antara satu sama lain bergantung pada pandangan masing2. Xde yang salah..xde yang betul..It's just the way we see other people's goal without putting ourselves in their shoes has put the sentence into right or wrong.

So, when you heard someone telling what he/she actually want in their life, stop making judgement. Because you never know, not a little bit, what they've gone through in their life. Respect, that is the key of communication with other human being. When you respect, you'll listen, and if you are wise enough, you'll learned from their stories. That is what they never taught you in university.


"A fool's brain digests philosophy with folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence, a university education." - Larry Crowne in movie "Larry Crowne" quoted from George Bernard Shaw.

That is why we need to educate ourselves, with whatever education offered in the whole wide world. Because i believe, with education, we will see what we actually wanted to do in life and straightened up ourselves to do so.

However, don't start questioning what is "What exactly is the THING we wanted to do in life". Cause it'll lead to many arguments since its very subjective. All you need to do is close your eyes, open up your heart, ask Allah for his Petunjuk and you'll see what YOU wanted to do in your life, hopefully.

Its 4.30 in the morning, and i cant barely sleep due to high level of caffeine been sucked into my body. Jadi kau dengarlah aku mengarut ye..sekian..

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Pleasant Evening

Its weekend night and i had no plan for the night till 5pm when salmah, my colleague, buzz me via tonic asking about my plan for that night. The initial plan is to just having a teh tarik session at our common beloved mamak restaurant near the office. But then, something has triggered our mind and we suddenly decide to have seafood for dinner and it must be the fresh ones. So, kuala selangor is the answer! And we have Anne, Zira and Salmah's sis joining us made things merrier.

We started the journey at 6.30pm from office, with me, salmah, zira n salmah's sis in one car and we met anne along the way. It took us about 1 hour drive from putrajaya to the restaurant. But the journey was worth it despite of meeting with stretches of jammed vehicles.

The restaurant's not really located in Kuala Selangor, it's actually 28km from K.Selangor. The place called Jeram. Its in between Kapar, Klang and Kuala Selangor. I've never been to this place. So, Salmah became the GPS. We reached there around 8.15pm.

Ok, the restaurant was named, Aroma Ikan Bakar. Some of you might been there, but for me it's the first time. It looks like ordinary seafood restaurant located by the sea that offers various kind of seafood. Yeah, i went to the restaurant like this few times before, but this place offers much more kind of seafood and yes, they are fresh and cheap some more. Wait till i tell you the price later. The restaurant is big, lotsa table (yeah it is a lot), and they said that its hard to find an empty table during weekends. Luckily, there were not many customer when we reached there. The restaurant also offers many kind of sitting place. You can choose to either to sit in their little bamboo shed, which you need to pay extra RM10 per hut, or at ordinary table in thier restaurant. Moreover, there were an event on going that time, which means they have all the facilities and instruments for events.
the hut

The Food. We had Masak 3-rasa Ikan But-But (i don't really know fishes' names/types, but Salmah said so). According to Salmah, this fish is cheaper than Jenahak but have the almost same taste. Thanks to her, i've added another info on marine life into my knowledge pot. haha. We also had squids (damn delicious) goreng tepung, buttered prawns, Lala (one type of kupang) goreng pedas, ikan pari bakar, and kerang bakar. These was served with rice and vege soup. Not to forget complimentary telur dadar by pakcik yang amek order special for adik salmah coz die buat muke kesian nak order telor dadar jugak..haha..

Layan gambar makanan dulu...

And us with happy but starving faces...

All of these, inclusive of drinks, cost us only RM131.70..murah kan?? sotong tu 5 ekor tau, prawn 15 ekor..besau2 pule tuh..haaaa..told you..the specialty of this place is its price and also their fast service..i am looking forward to come here again some other time...

We had our gossip session after finishing all the food. Had a great session gossiping while walking by the sea. Lepak tepi batu dan merenung bulan..Perh..those times with friends that should be cherished.

gossipping session and later we had our walk at nearby benteng..
Great food. Great place. Great friends. Great time. Well done guys!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Gold Coast ~ Part 3

Sorry guys..sekarang baru ade mase nak mengadap lappy, and reminisce all GC photos and continue my entry on this trip..

So, where were we? Yeah..15th October 2011, our 2nd day at GC but 3rd day of our trip..

Early in the morning, we went to police station, with the intention to make a police report on the loss of Liza's passport and purse. Despite of info we got from the police women from the previous night visit to the station, who told us to come back early in the morning to lodge a report if we cant get through to the Translink (the bus) Loss & Found line in the morning, we still failed to lodge any report as we had to wait till the Loss & Found to open on Monday. Yeah, we were devastated by the loss, as it taken some of our precious time, but it didn't stop us from having fun.

So, we decided to visit the nearest theme park, The Seaworld. Oh, before that, we did dropped by at Australia Fair Shopping Centre, with the intention to just look around but ended up spending some money on dresses and gifts. haha!

Seaworld of Gold Coast Australia is located at the Main Beach, which is about 4km from Southport, one of the main bus centre in town. It took us about 10mins bus ride. It was clear sunny day and we were served by the bright and nice beach view. We passed by the Southport Yatch Club which offered us superb and unforgettable view.

There were lots of things to see here. Dah nama pon Seaworld kan, tentulah this place exhibits various kind of marine life. We had the chance to have a closer look to these animals. It may sound lame, coz u'll say, so what? binatang je kot, not a big deal. But believe me, it was not lame at all. You'll be amazed by all the animals life here..all the animal which either live in the sea or by the sea. Animals that u impossibly found in Malaysia.

Not just that, you'll be amazed by how the park manage to keep these animal healthy and happily live in a contained exhibition glasses. How they successfully imitated the surroundings and climate that suits the animal's life very well. How they maintain the environment to keep these animal live healthily in one place. You'll may see in those pictures posted herein after, but it'll never challenged the real experience we had there.

Some of the exhibits...
The Penguins

under the sea
above the sea..notice how they put snow in that glass and maintain the temperature to suit penguins life? kire penguins ni perasan dok kat kutub utara la..
tanpa segan silu penguin ni buat projek ye depan org ramai..threesome lagik tuh..ish3..somehow, its amazing aite?

The stringrays

We can literally pet these stringrays with our own hands..

the polar bear

besau giler polar bear nie..tinggi dan besau..pehh..pestime tgk polar bear in real

cute bukan...?! see how they maintained the environment...amazing, amazing
The sharks and marine life

tiger shark??

camni dah takyah g scuba dahh..hehe.. bluffing on these pics.. all of the marine life are really lives in a super gigantic aquarium..u may wonder how they keep all the colourful coral reef alive..yeah, i think they pump in the salt water from the sea everyday and keeping the tank clean..

Furthermore, the place also offers events and shows. They also have amusement rides, trams circling the park, and cable car crossing the lake. We had the chance to watch few shows here like the jet-stunt show and the dolphin show. We were surprise that the show was never close to boredom at all. We enjoyed the show very much. 

The show...

Jet-stunt show

the stunt show..ko boleh buat ke camtu noxx? haha

The dolphin show

Super duper brilliant show..we were stunned by the bonding between human and dolphin.These dolphins are just 2 to 3 years old and yet they are surprisingly smart enough to interact with human beings. Great show dolphins!

Ok now lets look around the parks...

studying the map of the park..quite big but it is possible to walk from one end to another
gifts shop..wajib singgah of course..hehe
me and burung ape tah..tatau name die..screw me!

us and Mr Walrus

part of the park
one of the amusement rides and cable car
There are lot of other nicer view all round the park. We had so much fun out here.

Ok, the entrance fee..did i mentioned earlier that we pre-purchased our entrance tickets to theme park?  We've got pretty good bargain from this web. We bought 14days unlimited free entrance fee to three theme park which is Movie World, Seaworld and Wet & Wild with the price of AUD80 or around RM250 per person...

Enough about Seaworld..

That night we set our foot at Surfer's Paradise again and this time i had a real shopping at my favorite shop of all time..The Rock Shop..and yes..i am the collector of HRC me insane what-so-ever, but i am passionate enough to spend big amount of money to just buy HRC merchandise..and this time i bought Surfer's Paradise beach covers and a limited edition pink (breast cancer event) body shirt..

I would buy HRC collections in every country/foreign cities i set foot far (no intention of bragging here..just mere info's) i had one great jumper i love most bought in Paris, a body hug from amsterdam (can wear it only if i shed lotsa pound, but who cares! im a collector, anyway), and a t-shirt from beijing (bought by a friend, but i went to beijing once back in 2006).. i missed Bandung and Jakarta one coz i was not a HRC collector back, anyone who's going there, can i order one? huhu..hope to collect more in the future..haha..

So, that is all for the day..i'll continue the journey in the next entry yaa..