Saturday, 31 March 2012

People who is not at the right place

Maybe this post is a bit judgmental..ok..this not good..i keep reminding myself not to be judgmental to anyone around me. Its not healthy coz it'll build a barrier to a relationship..any kind of relationship..

But, this time..i think i have to make an, here me out..reminder: i am not trying to make any statement, i'm just writing on my point of view..

Working in construction industry demands the cooperation from different expertise. Everyone knows fact i think this industry may demand involvement of all of the expertise we have in the world..Therefore, there are lots of interactions between these expertise...they are inter-related and inter-dependent with one another. We were rose up in the field from different background and skills and were put in a place to work together to complete a project.

Problems arise when someone started to jumble up with these different skills. For instance, there would definitely a problem when cost controller will try to be a designer or a market researcher try to be a planner. Most of this started when we feel we did not trust the other party who have different expertise can do their part well and we started to do it in our own way from our point of view, which might be wrong due to lack of the skill that we have.

This would be even more dangerous if the jumble up thingy is from the people at the top of an organization. No doubt that we have to master as many skill as we can but as a normal human being, there are always a limitations. That is why we depend on other people with different skills. That is why a need in working in a group of people from different expertise.

I am looking this from an executive level point of view, who might not know the bigger plans but support the upper level to execute these plan. All i can see there is definitely a problem when people who is not familiar with construction industry trying to boss around people who has vast experience of it. Because i think the way these two people looking to an issue is different. And it become worse when the bossy fails to open up and will only stick to his/her opinion and even force the expert one to act on his so called "not well-evaluated decision due to lack of skill."

But i think, all in'll be back to our attitude. If we opens up and trust the people in the group, i believe we will achieve better results. Because our behavior affected the group especially people at the top level who gives bigger impact to the group.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The struggling

Its been a long time since i visit this blog..since my birthday lahh..waaahhh!!! seriously im not a serious blogger..seriously not..cannot establish myself as that..coz i failed to make my time on to this..failed like 100% fail!! teruk...terukk...shameful! oh..begitu lame sekali rse sbb everytime opening of the entry, mesti cakap pasal mende yg same..which is...'blog berabuk'...abeh tu nak wat camne..dah mmg i am busy like a bee..

Kesahnye, as i had mentioned in previous entry..i am now working in a new, to tell you the truth, i am struggling now..i am trying to win a battle against my fit in an alien environment..which, not only alien, but highly competitive, fast moving, corporate, sophisticated, initiative working environment that demands my double effort...frankly speaking..i never felt this difficult to fit in an environment..once someone said to me that i am easily fitted in any situation or environment (warning : this is not bragging!)..but this time, i feel the difference...its really hard for me to catch up everything..becoz everything is moving super fast here....

The work and work scope, is totally fine..i know that i am mentally ready for this kind of workload...going back late and piles of works is in my list...but the environment...the struggling to mix up with ppl..the running that i have to do so that i'll feel that i am at par with them..the expectation that i have to meet (maybe my boss didn't expect much, or maybe she did...but i feel that she did expect me to be as per my years of experience lah)..sometime is very tiring..maybe because this is like, after 3 years working with fully bumi company, although its a corporate one, i have to compete with other races...furthermore, its not like 'some' other races, its their one of the best...

When i first came in (back in my Day 1 in this co.), the person who welcomed us (me n 2 other fella) said that, people who are working here are carefully selected, from one of the finest, because, according to her, besides the co.'s business plan, it is also a place to train future leaders..when i heard that phrase, i felt like this must be exaggerated..anybody who welcomed u to a new place must said something nice about their home..but in my middle 3rd week here...i can feel that, the phrasing is completely'll see the difference in each and every of the can feel how confident and fully driven they are.. i seldom see people lepak or simply chit chat...most of them, in fact all of them are actually doing their no room to chit chat or simply hanging on ppl's desk gossiping..the only time i can see ppl mixing up is during lunch hour..the rest, they are simply busy...It doesn't mean they don't know how to relax and play..but, they just know when is the suitable time to relax and play..Maybe the workload is sky high because we're newly set up. Or maybe, that is just who they are...I don't know....But one thing for sure, this is definitely not my comfort zone. Not just yet. This is definitely the place where i can, no, i need to challenge myself (the biggest challenge is to meet the expectation of my boss specifically, and the company entirely) and sharpen my skill....this is the place where i have to give 200% focus on my work and plan my game for future me. This is where, i need to think not just analytically, but also creatively...

Sometimes regrets do hit my thought when the tiring and anxiety consumed me. But when i reminisce back to the day i was interviewed, i started to realize that we just have to go and do it. We just have to be brave, put extra effort, challenge ourselves, be confident (but not over confident), and just do it. The key point is to be brave and confident. Because when you scared or in doubts, they are clearly shows in your eyes and people can see it.

Yeah its hard! Really, i started to feel it. And i know now that i'm scared and anxious, therefore, i need to do something about this. Really need to.

One quote that i would like to share with all of you. I heard this in one morning while driving to work on RedFM radio show when they are discussing on life coach career...

".....what we are today is the result of our actions in the, if we want a certain thing in a future, we have to shape our actions and makes some adjustments now..."

And i cannot stop my self from agreeing with this statement..coz i believe, in order to reach a certain success that we dream of now, we have to have a goal (a specific one) and works towards it. In the meantime, or during the journey, we have to challenge ourselves. Because, as my Deputy CEO said, when we keep challenging, we basically generating ideas and be initiative, therefore, we can learn two times faster than regular people. That's how ordinary people becomes extraordinary.

Wallahualam...all this i share solely to remind myself of what i am thinking now in the future..may all of this ignites yours and benefited you as well..peace yaw!