Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Tetibe tersuke plak lagu2 by Adele....

Ni sume pengaruh one of ma fren..miss yuyu neyu...

Bes gak lagu2 die...contohnye seperti ini..

dan ini...

dan juge ini...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Iftar @ Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

I know...i know..we passed the ramadhan season and we are reaching the end of Syawal already (how fast time flies! Duhhh! <--ok, x baik mengeluh...)..

But, this is a flashback entry where we almost-whole-department went for iftar @ Cruise Tasik Putrajaya..thanks to the master of sponsorship Azuan n his team for the memorable iftar session...

Its a blessed experience coz..I DAH NAIK CRUISE TASIK PUTRAJAYA!!!!....once in almost 3 years working in Putrajaya ok..

Jadi layan gambar je lahh..

The main entrance of Cruise @ Tasik Putrajaya

the cruise

@ the waiting area...berbuka with Kurma n Fruits and the cruise began at 8, after maghrib prayers

me @waiting room

shikin, yulia, kak shima, zira n en nordin

me and the cruise..cant see the captain lahh!

us the almost-whole department

azuan n wifey

ikbal and wifey..

...the Foods....variety but the taste is ok lorhh..

the girlss..
 and we were at the roof of the cruise..luckily hari x hujan..


PICC at night

cable bridge..kejap wane biruuu...

...kejap warne warni...

shikin, ikbal's wife, yulia n kak suzana

masjid besi

me n masjid besi at night

masjid putra

teh tarik session after lepak di roof

Tiring but Succeeded!

At last!! i'm in my own bed..cleaned and fresh..smelling my ownself in my own room in my rented house in SK...its satisfaction to finally have your own time in your own comfort condition. I couldnt think of any other place that is more heavenly than this is...that is why its called "Home Sweet Home"..coz its sweet to be finally be at your own home..though it a rented one.. :)

Its not like i had a hectic weekend or so..its just that i missed by bed and my room so badly...barely get to linger on my bed the whole last weekdays and my weekend which was spent at Rembau (my hometown) making me feel grateful to be at last be in my room (which, i may failed to tell u that i had spent lotsa money to redecorate my room after the "heartbreak moments")...

Plus..its a tiring day today since its "Open House Anak Dara BLT" which i mentioned in previous entry (i did, right?)...but it can be consider a success..there was lot of people coming for this small event...most of all, my very best BFFs, Fae, Liza n Yan have took the trouble to come all the way from shah alam/putra height to putrajaya for my cooking....

Cooking? yeahhh..i do cook ok..and it has made my day (despite of the tiring) to hear people praised at my cooking..bukan nak berlagak ke ape, ok..but its for the satisfaction when u did put some effort to do the cooking, and people eat and praise u for that..well, im sure this applies to all outstanding chefs out there..Mommies? isnt it so? haha...u'll feel high right?

Xdelah masak ape pon...but my fren did puji my soto and best of all my oreo cheese cake..hehe..siap ade org soh buat jual lagi and some thought that i bought it from secret it that good?! (hahah...ok ni angkat bakul sendiri! but to hell with that..haha)..hilang trus penat i tau!...

The rest of the dishes, cooked by me co-host, Salmah, are rendang, nasi minyak with ayam masak merah and paceri nenas (my fav), and laksa...yep! she did all this by herself and she's a damn good cook..sangat cekap ok..sape yang nak bini pandai masak, die ni la i recommend..still single ok..hahah...

Despite of me who has to lari sane lari sini go and through from Salmah's house to my office (due to my workload is super high on this particular Monday coz of VOC and preparation to my boss for Management Meeting), i called today is a success...Tiring but Succeeded!

Oh, forgot to snap any pics during the event lar...sebuk melayan, entry tanpa gamba ok kan?

But we did Hari Raya Potluck in my department which was occurred last Friday..there's plenty of food and the best-est of all is Sambal Tahun by Azuan (his wife's cooked it ye)..Sangat happening with cute backdrop with lampu2 bagai..

So, here's some of the pics..
En Nordin yang sebuk ngah siapkan backdrop dan hias kawasan

gotong-royong hias kawasan

Encik Azuan - penyumbang makanan terhebat potluck - Sambal Tahun (pic makanan lupe nak snap)

the foods

En Nordin n Azuan with the foods n decoration

listening to lil speech

me and anne

us all praying for the success of the department

"Allahuma bariklana fima razaktana wakina 'aza bannar.."

The Edan of the IT Department

org yg telah mematahkan kerusi saye..cait!

cleaning uppp!!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


You are what you don't have to be somebody else simply because you want people around you to dont have to act or appear to be the person that the people around you wants you to be..

Because you are special the way you are and you have to believe dont have to envy other people and try to be are fine the way you are and there will be someone somewhere that will love you sincerely for that...

And...dont ever be consumed by your enviness (not sure whethet this is a real woed..but u know what i mean..) coz it will kill will make people around you get annoyed...

I dedicate this to those people who tried hard to not be themselves and rather be the person they envy...

Love yourself the way you are and people will love you..
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Wahhhh..i cant believe i havent finish writing about this was like five months teruk...jadi maafkan saye...for those who have boring wif these stories..u can skip this part..but keep reading the rest of the entries ya..

ok..where were we...still on 14th May 2011.. my 7th day of the trip...ok, in my last part i did mentioned that we're going up on a cruise..yeah...we were! its P&O Ferry Cruise which took us from Rotterdam in Netherland to Hull in United Kingdom.. The journey took overnight so the cruise includes two cabins that fits whole family..