Thursday, 29 December 2011

unproductive day

Another unproductive day....

Hari ni pulak dah memenuhi hari aku

Blog yang menarik...tapi cannot stop myself to compare it with kahuna's. Bahasa kahuna lebih sarcastic. Aku suka.

Tapi blog ni pon bes. Dan aku tgh berusaha khatamkan sume entri nye.

Maka, keje aku atas meja terbengkalai. Ye. Kurang disiplin disitu. Tp aku sedia maafkan diri sbb ni mggu terakhir 2011. Xde org pun buat keje. Bese nye time cenggini orang bergossip je. Jadi, ok. X bersalah sgt.

Ok. Aku terus membaca.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

BFF is Best Friend Forever

Today is a very unproductive day for me. Lying on bed all day long, cause sleeping seems the only way for me to sooth the pain of menstruation. Aku jarang kene period pain yang teruk macam ni. I always have good cycle of menstruation. It do comes every month at the right time. But, i dont know what happened last month, my period didn't come although i had my PMS. I guessed maybe i gained weight (again?! not so surprise this time. Did lots of food intake for the past few months). So, this month, the bleeding is like a pile although i'm only in Day 2.

But, drop the case. I'm not going to talk about my menstruation in this entry. Sure all of you know exactly what it is. Wanita, sile tampar pipi anda laju-laju kalau xtau mende tu. Guys, besok ko dah berbini sure ko reti beli pad. Tak reti jugak, sile google. Tak reti jugak, bunuh diri! Heh.

Dalam entri kali ni aku nak cerita pasal BFF or Best Friend Forever. The word been BFF is widely use now. Kalau tengok status-status kat fb..mesti ade kuar "Oww, thank you darling Z, you're my BFF"..pastu besok, kuar status "celaka kau Z, ko rampas bofren aku, betina x guna!"..Haha..that's lame. Ni semua pengaruh Ms Hilton sampaikan org pon dah salah ertikan makna best friend sebenar. Aku tak tengok show tu pasal aku rase it's bull shit. Boleh ke ko carik best friend gune competition yang macam tu? Tak jujur langsung!

Tapi pada aku, BFF is something more meaningful. Mr. Wiki said that best friend is someone (SINGULAR) with whom one shares the STRONGEST POSSIBLE KIND of friendship. Yes, i am totally agree with that. The strongest possible kind, that's the word. A best friend is someone you will turn to when you are happy or sad or angry or annoy or excited or any other feeling we have in the whole wide world. Someone that you can simply be you as you in front of her. Someone you will never kept a secret from. Someone you will never stop supporting. Someone that you will not willing to hurt or back stab. Someone that will hear your story without even judging you. Someone who accept you for who you are. Someone who will always support you even when you are in the deepest shit. Someone that will bring you to goodness, will keep you going, will never turn her back on you. Someone who knows what you feel inside without even have to describe it out lout. Someone you can talk for hours with same lame stories and never get bored. Someone who will be happy for you without envious. Someone who will forgive your mistakes right away without any grudge. Best Friend is a lover but of a same gender as you, without the intimacy of course.

Tapi ramai antara kite dah salah ertikan maksud best friend  yang sebenar. Kadang-kadang orang ingat, kalau ko dah cerita your skeleton in the closet  to another person, ko da boleh anggap dia sebagai best friend ko. It's not. It is much more than that. Best friend not just lend an ear, she'll support you and she'll keep your story safe. She will be loyal to you. She will help you to think straight. Aku rase ramai antara kita yang telah buka pekung di dada pada orang yang salah. Dari situlah aku rase gossip timbul, sebab ramai yang tak jujur dengan kawan sendiri. Ramai yang sanggup jaja cerita kawan semata-mata nak cari perhatian. Many have been consumed by envious feeling until they dare to back stab their own friend. Jadi, silalah lebih berhati-hati kalau nak bercerita.

Pada aku, best friend is not necessarily have the same character as you, or have the same hobby, or same preference. Both of you can be a complete different type of person, can come in different backgrounds, different physical but understand each other more than anyone else including your parent (ok, ni aku exaggerate!) I mean, takdelah begitu berbeza, should have some similarity, kalau tak macam mane dia nak paham ko kan.

Kalau ikut maksud di atas, aku percaya tak ramai antara kita yang punya best friend. Kawan mungkin bersepah, tapi best friend, you have to think twice, or maybe hundred times. Only those who are lucky get a best friend. If so, i can consider myself lucky!

I am proudly say that i have you as my BFF. Been friends with her since high school, through our teenage life, went to college together and now we are a 27 year old adult. I tribute this entry for you as an appreciation for being my best friend. Oh, aku sangat terharu bile mane aku jadi jawapan ko untuk secutiry question like "who is your best friend?". Mesti ko pelik apesal aku tetibe mushy nih. Sebab aku sangat enjoy our conversation hingga 3 pagi semalam. Dan aku teringat mase kolej dulu kite berborak sampai jam 5 pagi lepas balik cuti semester. Those are my very productive quality time with you.

Aku mesti sedih bile salah sorang antara kite nak kawen nanti (walau pon hell tak tau bile). Tapi aku harap aku boleh jadi best friend ko dan ko boleh jadi best friend aku sampai kite tua nanti. Sekian!

p.s.: Terharu tak beb?! mari belanja aku fatty crab! haha...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gold Coast ~ Part 6

Sambung update trip GC..fuh..fuh..fuh...

Ok, now we are on my 5th day of the trip, or the last day in GC. Setelah ape yang berlaku the day before (yang mane korang leh bace kat sini..) aku dan fae meneruskan aktiviti trip kami mengikut ape yang telah dirancang malam tadi ketika mandi di heated pool apartment sewaan kami.

Jadi, aktiviti kami ari ni dimulakan seawal 8 pagi..gile awal bangun pagi ni..kol 7.30 pg dah siap2 keluar dari apartment sbb kitorg decide untuk jalan slow2 sambil strolling along the park depan apartment kami. Park ni mengadap laut dan adelah sepanjang Marine Parade Road. Setelah meng-google map, baru aku tau name park ni adelah Leonrd Fox Park. Seronok jalan pagi2 time matahari belum panas betul lagi. Ramai mat salleh yang jogging or bawak pet diorg berjalan pagi-pagi kat sini. That is one of best in their culture, which, they always make the morning jog before working hour started as a routine. How i wish i can do that..actually, boleh jer nak buat..cume bontot je berat nak bangun dari katil, sarung kasut pegi jog keliling apartment aku ni ha..x gitu? heh...

Since it was still early in the morning, we walked at our own paced while enjoying the scenery of the beach. Sedar x sedar kitrorg dah jalan about lebih 700m dari our apartment menuju ke Harley Park. Kat Harley Park ni terdapat beberapa camp site yang mane visitor boleh park their caravan dan camping. Ade disediakan kemudahan bilik air dan lain-lain untuk org camping. Kalau petang2 ramai la datang untuk lepak tepi pantai sambil buat aktiviti seperti volleyball or frisbee game.

view of surfers paradise town, the heart of GC, from the park in front of our apartment
the beach
Leonrd Fox Park
the morning walk
beach in front of Harley Park
Harley Park
So, dari Harley Park ni, we crossed the road untuk tunggu bas ke Harbour Town. We wanted to do our last minute shopping since fae still got few stuffs she wanted to buy for friends and family. The bus ride tu x lame pon, just 5 minutes, but since we were crossing the bus zone, maka still kene bayar. Remember dalam entry lepas i did mentioned that we bought our free pass bus ride? Unfortunately, we forgot to take our pass from Liza and Yan who was then in Canberra, so, the journey today was paid by cash. Sayang..sayang..membazir pass aku untuk satu hari. Haish!

We arrived at Harbour Town at 8.50am, just in time for the shops to open at 9am. We did our 3 hours shopping and had our lunch at KofteBurgers in Harbour Town. This fast food is Halal and owned by Arabian.
Ok jugak la makan sini, bolehlah kalau nak merasa daging burger australia. Macam biasa, i chose my fav, lamb burger with chips and drinks. We were having our lunch in rush, since we had to catch the 12.30pm bus to Helensvale train station where we take another bus to Movie World.

Lamb burger @Kofteburgers
barang yang sempat dibeli hasil last minute shoping di Harbour Town. FYI, top from Ralph Lauren tu i xpenah pakai lagi. Sayang nak pakai. Sekian. Hehe.

Its not easy walking with shopping stuff in hand. But we manage to rearrange all the shopping bags at the station while waiting for the next bus. Plus, it was quite hustling time since we were trying to buy plane ticket for Liza and Yan. Oh, story bout that. Let me rewind a bit. Since Liza has lost her passport, both Liza n Yan had to traveled down to Canberra for new temporary traveling document from Malaysian Consulate. Due to that, they decided to extend their stay in GC. That is why both me and fae need to help them buying new plane tickets since fae got the proper Visa Maybank Debit Card. Tips : Yes people, you have to have a Visa or at least MasterCard Debit Card or Credit Card when traveling abroad. Easier option for cash money when you are facing with emergency situation like this. And please make sure you have sufficient amount of credit in the card for emergency purposes. It is better to have it from a widely used banks i.e Maybank or Citibank since they were most acceptable in many countries. They were very handy for situation like this.

We reached Movie World at 1.15pm, but since there were slight problem while purchasing online plane ticket (We faced the difficulty to find an internet hub as buying plane ticket using mobile apps was close to impossible when there were no WiFi and 3G reception was not so good in the theme park), we only manage to appreciate the theme park at 2.45. So, left us only about less than one hour to stroll around the park before the parade started at 3.30pm.

Plan asalnye kitorg nak the Paradise Country untuk bermesra dengan kangaroo dan koala bear. Tapi mase sangat x mengizinkan. Jadi, we have to sacrifice this one. I was devastated. Sebab this is one of the place that i really wish to visit since from the day we started to plan the itinerary. Meeting these animals either in Currumbin Wildlife Park or Paradise Country is my biggest desire in this trip. But i didnt fulfill any of them. Itulah punca aku tak puas dengan GC trip kali ni. Tapi bak kata orang, no trip is a perfect trip. Mesti ade slack here and there. Mesti ade something that doesnt turned out the way we planned. Mesti ade something out of the planned itenerary. Takpe kite kene redha dan bersyukur. Sekurang-kurangnya ade juga rezeki aku jejak di bumi GC dan segala ape yang berlaku dalam trip ni adelah satu pengalaman dan adventure yang tak akan boleh lupe sampai bila-bila. InsyaAllah. *mode insap..air mata bergenang di kelopak*..oh...harus plan trip ke either Sydney or Melbourne pule! Sape nak hekot??? Haha

Ape pon...mari layan gamba di sekitar Movie World by Warner Brothers, Gold Coast, Australia.

the main street

long queue for cinema show

big screen @ the main street

WB studio

China town

Harry Potter shop

the Superman escape ride

The parade...

Bugs bunny

Tom the pussy cat

tweety bird, my fav childhood character. Dulu mase Form 1 aku ade beg tweety wane maroon. Sayang gile kat beg tu. Pakai smpai da  bertaik lalat

Scooby Doo and the gang


ni aku da lupe character ape..haha

Cat woman

Justice League Gang

Fae dan kereta idamannye..kete batman..kete je tinggal, batman nye tah ke mane
Ok, meh nak cite sket beza antara 2 theme park yang aku dah pegi, satu, Movie World ni dan satu lagi Disneyland di Paris. There are huge different between them. Disneyland adelah saaangat besar. Its been developed in acres of land. Tahap jalan satu hari tak cukup. Kurang-kurang kene jalan 2, 3 hari baru leh cover semua parks. Structure kat dalam Disneyland lebih menarik, maybe Disney dah pon established beratus tahun dan bile masuk Disneyland memang korang rase korang in the character because of the environment in the park itself. Dengan replica bangunan nye yang memang macam dalam cartoon, dengan landscape nye yang sangat cantik. It's like you are living in the disney centuries. It's like a dream world inside there. Everything in the cartoon been duplicated in the real life size within the whole park.That's why its been called Disney Land, which consist of Disney Park, Disney Studio and Disney Village. More of it in here.

Movie World, on the other hand, is more to theme park. The park is comparatively small and the structures is not as in the character like what in the Disney Park. There are extreme rides and Studios as well. But the attraction is quite good. I would say Movie World is just like Disney Studio as its portrays characters in movies as well. Macam Disneyland, Disney Park focuses on cartoons, and Disney Studio focuses on characters in movies. But surely, Movie World tidak menghampakan. It is a must visit place if you are in GC.

pop corn dan strawberry smoothies yang tak bape nak sedap. Sile rujuk muke fae untuk mengetahui tahap ketidak sedapannye itu
spot wajib amek gamba

the front

Jadi setelah selesai berjalan di Movie World kira-kira jam 5.00ptg, kami tunggu bas balik ke town and since the sun has not set yet, we decided to drop off for the last time at Surfers Paradise. Plus, Fae wanted to drop by at Hard Rock Shop again. It's a good decision by the way. Glad we did that. At least we've got the chance to stroll at Surfer's Paradise Beach during daylight. Hadn't got the chance so far.

So, after bought some stuff at Hard Rock Shop, we walked towards the beach and had a long walk and talk and cam-whoring along the beach. We were then decided to have our dinner at a Fish & Chips restaurant by the beach. But it was surely not as good as what we had in Brisbane. But still, offers some thing to remember.

At Hard Rock Shop

The walking and talking along the Surfer's Paradise Beach

the diner

Oh ye..added story..mase jalan2 kat beach surfer's paradise ni..kitorg selambe je tinggalkan barang2 shopingan kitorang kat tepi dinding walkway yang dibina. Takde satu patah haram manusia pon yang nak amek kat sini. Ade tu siap tinggal stroller tepi siap ngn beg2 dan handbag nye skali. Betape selamatnye barang2 anda. Kalau kat malaysia, tah, malas la nak cakap. Eh, bukan niat aku nak buruk negara sendiri, tapi just nak mention berbezaan culture. Remember, we are still developing. Bukan macam diorg yang dah developed dari segala segi. So, kite masih ade ruang nak baiki.

OK, before we reached the bus stop, we manage to empty the purse with AUD buying some stuffs at one of the beach shop at Surfer's Paradise. Got myself a Mooloola shoes and sling bag. A treat to the broken heart. Haha. Alasan!

On the way back to our apartment, bumped into Liza n Yan at the Australia Fair's bus stop and at last the four of us were back together again. Cewah..bunyik macam ending love strory jek. Sempat gak aku bli kebab dekat salah satu kedai di Australia Fair for supper. Peh, byk btol makan ari ni.

Malam tu..not much to do. We were packing for departure tomorrow and share stories pasal journey Liza and Yan ke Canberra. Since both of them were extending their stay, only me and fae will go back tomorrow. That is why Liza n Yan manage to go to Wet n Wild Theme Park and also Paradise Country (ok, ini sangat jeles tau!)

The next morning, is the last day we set foot in GC (for this trip!). The free shuttle coach took us to GC Airport. This free airport transfer is actually inclusive in the free pass that we bought earlier. Eh, jadi its not free lah..haha..Liza dan Yan hantar sampai pintu bas..dan kitorg berpisah di situ.

Nothing special during the journey home. Not so many people in the flight and we had the stretch of three empty seat for both of us. Tido dan borak je during the journey.

Sampai di airport, nobody waited for us. Huhu..sedey! Jadi aku dan fae take our ride masing-masing. Fae took bus from LCCT to KL Sentral while i took bus from LCCT to Salak Selatan KLIA Transit Station, then took the transit to Putrajaya Station and lastly took a cab home which the fare took me RM33. Cis, mahal nak mampus.

Jadi, begitulah endnye trip GC kali ni...

Warrgghhh...akhernya...ok, di part yang last mungken aku kan concludekan berape kos (approximately) yang terlibat sepanjang trip ni. Yang ni kene sit together ngan fae, liza dan yan untuk track down balik perbelanjaan di sane...aku cube buat sehabes baik ye...mane tau leh bantu trip korang plak nanti.

As for conclusion, 5 malam adalah tidak mencukupi untuk buat segala aktiviti di GC. Banyak lagi tempat tak sempat nak jejak. Maybe sebab too much of shopping apart of itinerary yang dah kacu bilau. Tapi takpe. We learned from mistake. There will always be another trip, but the experience and memories of me, fae, liza and yan being togehter in GC  will stay with us forever and that is the thing that i cherish most.