Saturday, 31 March 2012

People who is not at the right place

Maybe this post is a bit judgmental..ok..this not good..i keep reminding myself not to be judgmental to anyone around me. Its not healthy coz it'll build a barrier to a relationship..any kind of relationship..

But, this time..i think i have to make an, here me out..reminder: i am not trying to make any statement, i'm just writing on my point of view..

Working in construction industry demands the cooperation from different expertise. Everyone knows fact i think this industry may demand involvement of all of the expertise we have in the world..Therefore, there are lots of interactions between these expertise...they are inter-related and inter-dependent with one another. We were rose up in the field from different background and skills and were put in a place to work together to complete a project.

Problems arise when someone started to jumble up with these different skills. For instance, there would definitely a problem when cost controller will try to be a designer or a market researcher try to be a planner. Most of this started when we feel we did not trust the other party who have different expertise can do their part well and we started to do it in our own way from our point of view, which might be wrong due to lack of the skill that we have.

This would be even more dangerous if the jumble up thingy is from the people at the top of an organization. No doubt that we have to master as many skill as we can but as a normal human being, there are always a limitations. That is why we depend on other people with different skills. That is why a need in working in a group of people from different expertise.

I am looking this from an executive level point of view, who might not know the bigger plans but support the upper level to execute these plan. All i can see there is definitely a problem when people who is not familiar with construction industry trying to boss around people who has vast experience of it. Because i think the way these two people looking to an issue is different. And it become worse when the bossy fails to open up and will only stick to his/her opinion and even force the expert one to act on his so called "not well-evaluated decision due to lack of skill."

But i think, all in'll be back to our attitude. If we opens up and trust the people in the group, i believe we will achieve better results. Because our behavior affected the group especially people at the top level who gives bigger impact to the group.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The struggling

Its been a long time since i visit this blog..since my birthday lahh..waaahhh!!! seriously im not a serious blogger..seriously not..cannot establish myself as that..coz i failed to make my time on to this..failed like 100% fail!! teruk...terukk...shameful! oh..begitu lame sekali rse sbb everytime opening of the entry, mesti cakap pasal mende yg same..which is...'blog berabuk'...abeh tu nak wat camne..dah mmg i am busy like a bee..

Kesahnye, as i had mentioned in previous entry..i am now working in a new, to tell you the truth, i am struggling now..i am trying to win a battle against my fit in an alien environment..which, not only alien, but highly competitive, fast moving, corporate, sophisticated, initiative working environment that demands my double effort...frankly speaking..i never felt this difficult to fit in an environment..once someone said to me that i am easily fitted in any situation or environment (warning : this is not bragging!)..but this time, i feel the difference...its really hard for me to catch up everything..becoz everything is moving super fast here....

The work and work scope, is totally fine..i know that i am mentally ready for this kind of workload...going back late and piles of works is in my list...but the environment...the struggling to mix up with ppl..the running that i have to do so that i'll feel that i am at par with them..the expectation that i have to meet (maybe my boss didn't expect much, or maybe she did...but i feel that she did expect me to be as per my years of experience lah)..sometime is very tiring..maybe because this is like, after 3 years working with fully bumi company, although its a corporate one, i have to compete with other races...furthermore, its not like 'some' other races, its their one of the best...

When i first came in (back in my Day 1 in this co.), the person who welcomed us (me n 2 other fella) said that, people who are working here are carefully selected, from one of the finest, because, according to her, besides the co.'s business plan, it is also a place to train future leaders..when i heard that phrase, i felt like this must be exaggerated..anybody who welcomed u to a new place must said something nice about their home..but in my middle 3rd week here...i can feel that, the phrasing is completely'll see the difference in each and every of the can feel how confident and fully driven they are.. i seldom see people lepak or simply chit chat...most of them, in fact all of them are actually doing their no room to chit chat or simply hanging on ppl's desk gossiping..the only time i can see ppl mixing up is during lunch hour..the rest, they are simply busy...It doesn't mean they don't know how to relax and play..but, they just know when is the suitable time to relax and play..Maybe the workload is sky high because we're newly set up. Or maybe, that is just who they are...I don't know....But one thing for sure, this is definitely not my comfort zone. Not just yet. This is definitely the place where i can, no, i need to challenge myself (the biggest challenge is to meet the expectation of my boss specifically, and the company entirely) and sharpen my skill....this is the place where i have to give 200% focus on my work and plan my game for future me. This is where, i need to think not just analytically, but also creatively...

Sometimes regrets do hit my thought when the tiring and anxiety consumed me. But when i reminisce back to the day i was interviewed, i started to realize that we just have to go and do it. We just have to be brave, put extra effort, challenge ourselves, be confident (but not over confident), and just do it. The key point is to be brave and confident. Because when you scared or in doubts, they are clearly shows in your eyes and people can see it.

Yeah its hard! Really, i started to feel it. And i know now that i'm scared and anxious, therefore, i need to do something about this. Really need to.

One quote that i would like to share with all of you. I heard this in one morning while driving to work on RedFM radio show when they are discussing on life coach career...

".....what we are today is the result of our actions in the, if we want a certain thing in a future, we have to shape our actions and makes some adjustments now..."

And i cannot stop my self from agreeing with this statement..coz i believe, in order to reach a certain success that we dream of now, we have to have a goal (a specific one) and works towards it. In the meantime, or during the journey, we have to challenge ourselves. Because, as my Deputy CEO said, when we keep challenging, we basically generating ideas and be initiative, therefore, we can learn two times faster than regular people. That's how ordinary people becomes extraordinary.

Wallahualam...all this i share solely to remind myself of what i am thinking now in the future..may all of this ignites yours and benefited you as well..peace yaw!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Very Happy Birthday to....ME....yes, ME!

Dari tajuknye ade dah menampakkan aku ni sorg yang self-centred...yep, i am..So what?! Heh..

Alhamdulillah..hari ni genap aku telah bernafas ni muka bumi nie selama 'tut tut' tahun (oh, semakin tua adelah tidak membanggakan, jadi x perlu disebut!)...aku sangat bersyukur sbb diberi peluang yang macam2 sehingga aku rase kehiduapan aku yang 'tut tut' tahun nie penuh ngan warna-warni...aku jumpe pelbagai jenis org, pegi bermacam jenis tempat yang mengajar aku banyak pengalaman hidup..

But, as i said before, in this blog on one of my entry, growing old is mandatory but growing up is, i hope that my brain, my emotion, my maturity grows hand in hand with my age. Each day offers us with new challenges, excitements and experiences. It just how we sees it.

Lately, takde mase nak update blog..sibukkan hape tah..tapi tulahh..ade je yg menghalang tika aku in da mood untuk meluahkan rase hati yang lara ini...

As i mentioned before, my life's turning to a different direction. That is so as i have started my duty in new company. So i am now struggling to fit in with the new environment, new co-workers, new style, new project, new scope of work..everything is alien to me here...ok, tipu..not everything...i know few people fact,i knew my boss and my teammates. We'd been work together before..which means, fitting in with new people around is not the greatest challenge here...

Apart of the needs of waking up early (like, super early) in the morning to go to work, which involving driving to the nearest LRT station and huddling in tiny Monorails, i am more worried about fitting myself in and mixing up with the corporate world. Even though this is not the first time (as my previous co. is a corporate co. as well), but this is like more sophisticated corporate company which require you to wear proper attire and shows the nice professional attitude, which i think what i lacked most.

You know sometimes people can think professionally, act professionally but they are not appear professionally in physical. They just wear the wrong blouse, or the wrong trousers, or the wrong bag or shoes..they seems like not so professional physically. They simply dont have the professional look in them.. and i think i am 'that' people. Haih! Jadi perlu mitigation plan..grooming!

In the meantime, harung je lah...keje dah start menimbun walaupon my laptop belum ready...meeting has been set up..series of discussion will start very i guess, that'll leave me with little time to update the blog..but i'll try my best. good luck to me!

p.s: sebenanye ade banyak lagi nak diceritakan...tapi xder mase..perlu tido awal supaya esok bleh bgn awal...apepun, thanks to those who wish my healthy and blessing u all...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Chapter of Life Closing..

Tomorrow i am gonna end one chapter of my life...

Yes..tomorrow would be my last day working in my current company...sedih nak tinggalkan semua kenangan yang dah dilakarkan di sini..baik manis, pahit, masam, kelat, sedap, x sedap...kesedihan meninggalkan kawan2 yang paling utama skali...i am blessed to have the opportunity to know everyone in the company..every single one...both, who are still in the company and those who have left...every single one has affected my life, directly and indirectly..

i am blessed to have good bosses who taught me so much about work and value of life...who taught me how to survive in the real construction world in a whole...who has gave me the opportunity to pursue my self..who shines my ability...who kindly shares their experiences..who reminds me professionally of my mishaps..who belanje me a lot..those good bosses that i learned so much from...

i am blessed to have wonderful friends...who laugh a lot..who shares lunches and dinners.. who shares stories..who i played badminton with..who i jog and go to gym together with..who let me be me and openly accept me as i am...who never turn their back on me..who forgives me of my mistakes...

i am blessed to have wonderful teams, colleagues and co-workers...either from the company, or even outsiders (consultants and contractors)..they really gives me good experiences work wise..

i do learned a lot here...i have been blessed to be given such opportunities which, i would not forget for the rest of my life...

It is sad to leave everything really is...

But, the time have come for me to close this chapter and open another one...the future chapter that i do not know the colours..but i have to open it anyway..because that is how the life goes...

Now i'm having the mixed feeling..excited but anxious to open the new chapter yet sad to close the present one...Tapi kate orang, kalau nak survive dalam hidup..kene la harung ape yang ade depan the choice has been made and now i have to be ready to face the consequences of it..

To those in my current company...thanks for everything..halalkan makan minum dan ilmu yang telah dicurahkan.. i believe we have such a small world and surely we will meet again someday...i hope every mistakes made has been forgiven and forgotten..i hope that i will never forget the great three years i had here..

It's time for me to turn my life to a different prepare myself to meet the new challenges meet new boss, meet new colleagues, meet new future friends (which i hope there are)...

So, good luck boss, friends, team mates, colleagues...hope everyone have good years ahead...let this relationship benefited us...insyaAllah...

p.s: this song literally aired on the radio as i post this entry! eh, macam graduation plak...ekekeke

Thursday, 9 February 2012

how do you like ur french toast?

Yes do u like ur french toast??

french toast sedap dimakan dengan ape saje...u can have it either sweet or savoury...both tastes good, i believe...u can either eat it with honey or ketchup..u can eat it with curry or plain soup...or u can sandwich it with cheese...all those things to give additional taste to the make it taste much more better...the taste surely varies depending on the additives u put in..

Without those thing a french toast will be a boring normal french toast....

Just like ur life..

Without friends, families, acquantances, partners, flings, secret admirers, stalkers, enemies, etc...ur life wud be a plain boring life...

And now, throw ur arrogance and go out and meet people...u'll found how uniquely amazing they much u can learn from them..

And give urself a room to meet the wrong ones..u might learn much more from them...

...a soft reminder to me from myself...

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Friday, 3 February 2012

morning call

I dont know whats got me in this particular morning...

Maybe it's because pretty bad dream i had last night..or just something bothers me...i cant figure it out any way..

Despite of my bad attitude of waking up late which resulted to late coming for works, surprisingly this morning, i woke up super early (6.15am is super early for me though), had my early morning bath, had my hair dried, wear casual working suit and found my self here....

Yes, i am having a so so coffee to start my day...wish it was something better..oh..rindu good coffee like what i had in a cruise from dover, uk to calais, france through the shortest english channel once..

A hot coffee and a ciggarate (ok, thats exaggeration) in a cold chilly weather...what more can i asked..Yes, i am grateful to have those experience to reminisce..and i am very greatful to be still given a chance to breath in the one of the greatest God's creation, the universe...

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

damn annoying!!! (part 2)

Ok, ni tahap x tahan sampai kene update kan fon...

Annoy pade sesetengah pasangan yg control his/her partner like hell..when i said hell, i mean mmg neraka jahannam peringkat pertama tuh...

Ok, aku paham yg korang mmg sayang gila nak mampus ngn bf/gf korang kan....tapi kamon...he's ur bf/gf...not even ur husband/wife right ko tadek hak nak lagi nk menyekat kebebasan die....especially hak utk berkawan..xkira la dgn kaum sejenis atau pun x?

Who are you to judge whether that friend is good or bad to ur partner. I guess the only way is to make urself around ur partner's circle of friend..get to know them..dan segala curiga atau pikiran yg bukan2 tu kompem hilang...

Yes, ive got lotsa fren dan antaranya mmg sumeone's bf/gf...dan we do lepak kedai mamak..hang out at some times...xslalu, sbb tu kalau skali lepak, mmg lme...nk catch up stories yg lame tertunggak..

Tapi kalau lepak once in a blue moon pon ko dah marah2 dan majuk2 ngn bf/gf ko..apekehal...x ilangnye bf/gf ko tuhh...xde sape nak amek aihh...

If he/she is really in love wif you...datanglah bidadara/i kayangan pon...u will always his/hers..sikap kau yng kaki control tu hanye akan buat ur partner lemas which someday make him/her fly away..yes peeps..this apply to all the rule relationship..not the exception one..

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Singpore City ~ Part 2

After like one month, baru aku ade courage untuk up kan second entry for SG, sekarang perlu refer gambar and last entri post untuk up kan entri ni...perlu reminiscing with photos taken, thanks to my lil but tough compact if u'r doing travelogue, it is good to capture the places names, in case u have entri tertunggak seperti saye..

Oh, baru sampai di Queenstown rupenye cerite aku..jauh lagi perjalanan..banyak lagi activity yang dibuat yg pelu diceritakan...oohhhh...*gigih..gigih..

Ok. we're still in 26th November 2011, arrived in Queenstown at about 5pm. After 5 mins walking to Bugis MRT Station, we were facing some difficulties to understand the MRT systems and route..but, no worries, once u mastered the system, MRT would be your best option to maneuver around the city...and believe me, it'll take little time for you to understand it..maybe few minutes plus communication skill to ask around if you are super genius..

but since we dun have that much communication skill..but still, genius *tangan kat bahu mata ke atas* we end up mingle around the station wondering. which brought us sesat di Bugis Junction. Bagus juge coz later on, we dun even have the time to step foot in here again. Bugis Junction is a shopping mall, where the Bugis Station located just below it. How cool it is, all u have to do just go up on escalator, and naahhh....u r in a shopping mall with lots of ppl and shops. I found it amazing, anyway...

Christmas deco was up one month before the celebration
water fountain @ Bugis Junction

We walked in circle and back to the MRT Station. The initial plan is just to buy 3-day Pass for MRT which will cost us about SGD24, but instead, we found it was not worth it, since we were already there late in the evening, plus our plan for 2nd day is Sentosa Island, where the pass is not needed. But there's always option for only 1 day pass for SGD8 or 2 day pass for SGD16. So, we decided to just buy the standard ticket, which the fare is varies at different station. Tips: you'll always need to pay extra SGD1 for the ticket deposit which u can collect back at your destination via the ticket machine. Jadi naik MRT akan membuat anda penuh syiling SGD1..haha...penuh poket...

Since we hadn't make any hotel kes nak main redah je dengan hati penuh harapan dapat hotel yang decent dan murah..we had to act fast and look for hotel room. Eventhough we decided untuk main redah jer..tapi we did decide to stay around chinatown since, as referring to travelogues, Chinatown is the most convenient budgeted area, where you can get budgeted hotel room with MRT station in walking distance and at the heart of SG where every attraction place is just nearby (less cost for train fares) . Just what we need for the stay. Unfortunate for us, the "budgeted" hotel room is beyond our budget. Haha. Caution peeps: if you decide to spent the night in SG, do allocate extra budget for hotel room. If you are not willing to spend more in accommodation, better stays in JB and go back and forth to SG, and i tell you, cost for staying in hotel in SG may be equal to your stay in JB + travelling cost, make your choice. You also got other option where you may cut some cost for accommodation in SG if u're willing to stay in dormitory room in backpackers hotel. One of the famous budget hotel in SG is Hotel 81, and they have it at most attraction places. But do ready to spend SGD100-300 per night. Yes, if u convert to RM, u'll get at least 4 star hotel in JB...'__'

After walking more than 2 km in search for the hotel room *rase nak tercabut kaki*...we ended up in a super budget hotel, which cost us SGD90 per night. But it is SUPER BUDGET. The hotel have attached shower but no attached bathroom. Bunyik pelikkan...? least if in dormitory we know we gonna have shared bathroom & shower. But this hotel, and i think similar to other super budget hotel room, it is like a room with a queen bed with a box of shower attached. We called  it hotel 'kongkek'..haha..enough said.

Since rase x larat nak dok hotel tu for 2 nights, we decided to switch to  a more decent hotel the next day, which of course costs us more. We'll get there in the next entry...

So, after had a 'great' shower experience in the, i would like to call it shower box in the bedroom, we decided to not waste any precious time. So, that night, after a brief walk around Chinatown, we straight away headed to the our first attraction place, The Esplanade. From Chinatown MRT Station, we traveled to City Hall Station via Outram Park Station, where we need to switch the train. Tips: Please wear your flats or snickers when traveling in SG. You won't need your heels at all because you gonna do your walking cardio all the time. The definition of near the Singaporean is walking for 1km. So, imagine yourself. You'll do lots and lots of walking in SG.
night view of Chinatown

From City Hall Station, we walked again to the Espalanade Theater on the Bay to have a good view of the famous Marina Bay Sand Hotel on our north side, Singapore City on our east side and Singapore Flyer on our west side. Lepak kejap situ sambil berangan dan tgk view yang cantik dan cam whoring. So, mari layan gambar hasil percubaan mengambil gambar yang cantik menggunakan compact camera yang tak berapa nak canggih ditambah pule tak reti nak manual setting kasik cantik..rase loser gila pasal org2 yang lepak amek gambo situ gune DSLR camera dengan lense canggih 88inci..heh..
Christmas deco @Esplanade Theater 

inside the deco..ko hado? hehehe...
The theater
inside the theater
Marina Bay Sands Hotel...ohhhh..hanya boleh berangan...nk dok situ x mampu..
Night view of Singapore..cantek punye location Maybank

After penat meluahkan skill mengambil gambo gune camera x berapa canggih di Esplanade Theater On Bay..we decided to walk to another attraction place, which is The Merlion..bile tgk dari esplanade tu macam x jauh..tapi..benonye jauh juge kene berjalan.

So, we walked along the side of Esplanade Drive to The Merlion. The view of The Merlion during night time is so much better.

basah akibat disiram Merlion (padahal lenjun peluh akibat berjalan kaki)

percubaan melakukan aksi tidak senonoh dengan Merlion

On the way to Merlion tu sempat juge meng-capture ini..

i loooiikeee..nggeeee.....
Dan kami terjumpa ini ketika on the way back to City Hall Station...

Ice cream with waffle..heaven ok..
Before we went back to hotel kongkek, we decided to do another stop. We hop off the train at Clarke Quay Station instead of Chinatown Station. Clarke Quay is another tourist attraction area. This area is quite famous as this is where tourist and locals go for club night out. You'll see lotsa open bar along the river. And there were lots of people lepak on groups by the river. We sat down by the river for people watching. It was fun though...

@ Clarke Quay
extreme activity offered @Clarke Quay
open night club
simplest open bar ever! hehe..ok, tipu..simplest open bar aku penah tgk..

 We were then headed back to our room. But instead of taking train, we decided to have a night walk from Clarke Quay to Chinatown. It was a nice walk in the initial, but after few mins, i wasn't anymore..we were extremely tired since it was about more than 1 km walk from Clarke Quay to China Town. Glad that i did my cardio for the day anyway..worth it since i lost 1kg during the trip..tapi lepas tu gain back berkilo2...sekian..

It was a night to remember..did lots of cardio that night alone. Let alone sleeping uncomfortably in chilly kongkek room with no selimut at all..pakai tuale je..haih..x tahan akuu..esoknye kompem tuka hotel..

Ok, next attraction place is definitely The Sentosa Island. We'll get there in the next entry ya...Soon, i hope..

p.s: Wahhhh...berjaya put up entry in one night! hehe..nice!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Something im not proud of..

Ahhhhh chhhooommm...(habuk berterabur)..peh..lame gile aku x update blog..dah nak masuk sebulan dah since my last entri...bulan Jan ade 2 entry je? tu pon satu entri tertunggak type dari bulan Dec..not good..not good...

Entahle what's got into me...aku malas gile nak update kate menulis adelah kerane, ppl yg suke buat sesuatu tu will always make time for it..aku minat jugak..tapi always xde time for it..maknenye x bape nak minat lah eh?? err..entahh...

Mane tah hilang mood ni..i expect sbb aku kurang membaca skang..not just x update blog..bace blog pon kurang..dari situ la hilangnye mood nak berblog..padahal blogging can be a good theraphy..depends on how u potray it la...

Sebenanye ade bende yang berlaku kebelakangan ni yang boleh aku blog kan...tapi..untuk aku duduk depan laptop, put my hands on these keypad, adelah sangat malas...but everything's in my head..kan best klu ade satu device yang boleh translate-kan ape yang ade dalam pale otak ni into words..i wud be the most happiest person in da whole world...ok, gila malas..tapi aku suke bace balik entri sndiri bcoz there'll be one sort of feeling of excitement plus overjoyed plus sadness plus relief yang datang menyelinkar di lubuk hatiku setiap kali membaca dop kengkawan? ke aku sorg rase gitu..nampak sangat aku sangat self centred..haha..pedulik!

Actually there are so much of awesome thing happened in my life recently..kalau la ade device yang aku cakap tadi...boleh jadi die jammed sbb ade banyak sangat mende yang boleh diceritakan. Jadi, aku hutang banyak entri sebenarnye nih..(peh, siap jadi hutang bagai...kire dah macam ade tanggungjawab terhadap blog sendiri dah..*mcm bela anak)...entri travel is inclusive..note that i only at half day of my Singapore trip yang dah berlaku months queue, bercuti bersama besties di kala menjelang tahun baru dan juga pengalaman pertama ku bergembira di atas kelong bersama rakan taulan...tu belum masuk entri pasal my life, which, i expect gonna turn to 180 degree soon. Haihs..banyak tu...

But everytime aku nak update blog, mood menulis tu x datang2...macam ade syaitonirrajim yang berbisik di telinge..tayah la update blog, penat jari tu nanti...heh...end up, aku bukak D: drive, bukak series yang aku da donlot dan tonton hingga lebam..maka tertunggak lah entri yang aku dah niat nak buat..niat suci murni tu ade....xbuat je...pemalas ya amat...

Ok lah, aku try halau jauh2 syaitonirrajim sume syaiton2 yg same yg hasut aku makan banyak sehingga naik beberapa kilo yang banyak yang tidak membanggakan langsung..heh...tableh2..i have to do something dengan syaiton2 ni sume..!! mesti!!

p.s:/ ini adalah antara entri terpantas saye....cume 2 lagu kat red fm je yang diperlukan utk menyiapkan entri ni....oh..tiga, termasuk meng-cut & paste entri ni sbb aku hampir2 nak terupdate entri ni kat blog jual barang aku...see, how teruk i am now! not proud..not proud...

Friday, 6 January 2012

Singapore City ~ Part 1

Salam peeps..

Been postponing this travelogue since forever..hahaha....dun be mad..just finished my GC entry up kan entry ni pon kene ade mood..and kene reminiscing pics dan korek otak untuk ingat balik pasal trip nie..tapi insyaAllah..sume masih segar lagi dalam ingatan..

Eh, tak buat entri penutup pasal GC lagilah..alamak, den lupo! xpe..xpe..jangan risau..nnti akan dibuat jugak..budget tu x lari ke mane..ade dalam notes aku...kooottt!! (peh, mano den lotak eh?!)

ok, balik pada cerita happened during long weekend due to celebration of 1st Muharram, new year of Muslim Calendar, 1433 Hijrah. (bagus, time tu kau g trip singapore! *mode insaf*)..but its a long weekend. So, i decided to take this opportunity to cross border to have a getaway at neighboring country, Singapore. This time, i had Nairus a.k.a Cik Neyu as a travel partner. It was a blessed when she suddenly called me and asked for a trip during the long weekend. Coincidentally, i planned to go to Singapore weeks earlier but didn't manage to get partner to go along the trip. So, it was like 'seperti orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal'...terus semangat berkobar2 nak g trip Singapore sebab ade teman...klu cik neyu xder, nekad dah aku travel solo.

FYI, it was my first time to step foot in our neighboring country. It's a shame since i went as far as europe but yet yang sekangkang kera ni aku x jejak lagi. That's why i was dying to go to Singapore. Plus, my first attempt to reach there failed (due to inevitable reason). So i was so determined to set my foot there up to the extend i was willing to travel alone. But, luckily, i had Neyu to accompany me during this trip. So, tidaklah saye kembara sendiri. Selamat!!

We started our journey on Saturday, the 26th November 2011 morning (ngam2 aku dapat gaji time tuh..selamat lagik!). We traveled to JB by Neyu's Myvi. It was just a mere 4 hour road trip to JB, stopped at Hentian Nilai for big breakfast and bumped into several heavy traffic along the way especially at Seremban and Malacca exit. It was a long weekend though. I believe many people took the chance to have trips within it. Waktu hujung minggu yang panjang cam ni, bina lapan lane highway pon confirm jammed jugak.
aktiviti menghilangkan kebosanan ketika memandu dalam jammed! (mode perasan diva)

We reached JB at almost 1.30pm. Had some trouble to find ways to Stesen Bas Larkin, since none of us familiar with the road. But, thanks to the technology of smartphones, we manage to reach there safely with the help of google map. We planned to park the car at the station and taking the bus ride crossing the border, but, we didn't know exactly which parking that offers RM5/day flat rate. So, we parked at the station's Metro parking first to just drop by at the terminal and asked for the exact location of the said parking. Metro parking would cost more indeed. Plus, i needed to change some RM to SGD. Tips: please do your money exchange in KL, you'll get better bargain than in the terminal itself even though the difference would be only 0.02, but if you change RM1k, it'll bring much different.

Ok, another tips : the location of the RM5/day flat rate parking is opposite Pasar Larkin. See map below :-

haaa kau...semangat aku google map dan edit di paint...heh...xpaham jugek,sile tampo muke sndirik!

Kalau korang jumpe jejambat menghubung ke pasar larkin tu, maknenye anda di parking yang betul. Sile simpan tiket masuk parking dengan selamat. Kalau tak, rate nye dah jadi lain akibat denda kehilangan tiket.  Dan make sure kete anda termasuk stereng, gear, and etc di lock dengan kemas ye cause its park at your own risk.

Ok, sambung...we had our late lunch at Food Court, Pasar Larkin. It is located at the topmost floor of the market. The lunch was so-so since I was expecting delicious Johor dishes, i had Asam Pedas Ikan Kembung with white rice and Neyu had Ayam Penyet (oh, kalau nak makan ayam penyet sedap kat JB, sile pegi ke restoran Banafee berhadapan dengan New York Hotel - exact location : sila google..ekekeke).

Lepas lunch...kitorg bergerak ke stesen bas untuk cari bas ke Singapore. Since it was first time for both of us, tercangak-cangak juge mencari tempat jual tiket bas. Di sini penting ye skill komunikasi dengan masyarakat. Bak kate pepatah, malu bertanye sesat jalan. So, we asked around. Rupenye senang jer nak cari bas ke Singapore. Cari platform yang ujung2 dekat2 dengan bakeri ape tah..ade berjenis-jenis bas ekspres yang boleh bawa cross border dan salah satunye adelah SJE (Singapore-JB Ekspress)...other express bus, Causewaylink and SBS...ade jugak intercity bus..all u have to do is just ask around. There are lots of options but different bus will have different stop. So, u just have to be careful with the destination u chose.
SJE bus..that took us from Woodland to Queenstown
The fare cost us RM3.30. Cheap aite? The bus brought us from Stesen Bas Larkin to Queenstown in Singapore via Woodland, where the cross-border checking takes place. It was so easy to cross border. Asalkan ko x nampak macam penjenayah, it shud be smooth and easy. The bus will stop at our Kompleks Imigresen, and all the passanger together with their luggage have to go down, walk up the elevator/escalator to the checkpoint where the Malaysian Imigration Officer will check our passport. It was easier and shorter queue in automatic-passport-checking machine. So, i suggest those with little carriage opt for this one.

We were then, go down to the platforms where the bus awaited us..then the bus took us along the bridge of Tambak Johor, cross the border and straight to Woodlands, the Singapore Imigration Complex. Here, you'll need more time to fill up some forms and checking the passport. The officer will definitely ask you several questions on the purpose of the trip and where you're going to stay in their country. But we didn't experience any abnormal situation during the trip through and fro. God bless us.
while waiting for SJE bus to come @Woodland..motip makan rambut sndiri? nan tauuu!! lapo mungken?!
Cume, since there were more time taken during the checking, the bus left us which led us to wait another coming SJE bus. That's how it goes when u traveled by bus. That is why it is important for you to keep the bus ticket regardless how small any easy-to-slip they are (caution! if you loose the ticket, u might need to pay extra fare. Cause the amount RM3.30 shud take u up to the Queenstown). Tapi tunggu tak lama. Dalam 10 min kemudian bas SJE sampai and we were safely arrived at Queenstown.

From Queenstown, we walked about 5 mins to the nearest MRT station namely Bugis Station. From there, we continued with the rest of the journey for the day which, will be continued in the next entry...


p.s: entri ni dah lame gile dalam draft aku..cume x cukup masa nak! skarang perlu di sambung2 sebab aku kene ingat balik every step of my trip in SG.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

It's been a while since i wrote anything on this blog. Been busy with everyday life...yeah..who's not? shud've make the time instead of letting the time decide, aite?

This is my first post of the NEW YEAR everyone!!! i guessed it's not too's just five day away from 01012012..2012 is now 5 days old. How fast time flies!...

New year comes with new games..let alone new clothes..Everything's marks the fresh marks new beginning of new challenge..that is why we were celebrating it all over the world...because the new it's not going to be the same as old one..indeed.

My new 'thing' is almost nothing. i have the same incomplete last year's resolution..last decade i guessed..which of course to loose lots of weight (never accomplish it so far!)...despite the fact that it keeps jumping up and down and up again, i've modified this resolution from losing weight to be healthy...that looks like achievable..hmmm...depending how we define healthy, i guessed..happy is another way of healthy life, aite? Janji aku x sakit sudah dan jantung dapat berfungsi dengan baik untuk membekalkan darah ke otak dan seluruh anggota badan yang lain..eceh! (cakap je la ko x pnah berjaye loose weight jimah oii..!) <--- oh! i really have to loose some weight! One of my closest friend is getting married and i wanted to look fabulous at her reception! ohhhh...sape nak sponsor saye amek class power plate sile angkat tangaaann!!!....

If last year during this time i had been counting days of my annual leaves for vacations and trips, surprisingly, this year i have no plan of any vacation at all....nan hado! i didn't manage to secure any flight to i guessed it's gonna be a quite year ahead. But i target to have at least one big trip this year...say, New Zealand, anyone? Ohhh...marilah ajak aku buat part time taking off agar dapat kumpol duit pegi trip idaman!

Career life! Planned to change company since end of last year..but looking at the economic situation these's hard to predict anything at all..but still, if i've got the chance to pursue myself to gain new experience with a great salary, then, why not?! Changes can affected positively. For the moment, just stay in the current company and do the usual job...but, with new spirit of more productive just in my almost 5th year of career life..there's still a lot to learn. Oh, just to share..i had an interview today in a super big developer company (like at least 3 times bigger than my current company) was the toughest interview that i ever attended...very challenging. But anyway, it's too early to tell anything now. There'll be a next stage if i passed the one i had this evening. But it'll be a new challenge if i get the job! New experience offered as well. Tapi rezeki masing2 Allah dah ditentukan kan..jadi let's pray for a better career opportunity this year.

Relationship?! Not in my list at the moment. I want to focus more on building up my career. Tapi kalau ade jodoh yang datang bergolek, masakan aku nak tolak. Itu menidakkan rezeki dari Allah namanye.

Seems like no changes planned for this year...or, maybe i'm just a bad planner?! i don't know! it's still early to expect any glory for this year..still striving to achieve anything...still striving for a better stable life...still and always will be..

I just hope that i'll be a better person than i am in last year. Better in all aspects. Every aspects.

So, good luck with your year everyone! let's go and get going!