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Waaaarrrggghhh...finally its here....and i hope i still combine all parts and pieces of memories when i was there...this might not be as detail as places i went before, but might give u a picture cemane apebile berade di tempat, enjoy my story....

Intro ~

Yeah...first of all of course the intro...story how the idea of going there came out..ok, as u all noe (or may not noe) my dearest eldest sister is in UK, doing her PHD in Leeds Metropolitan College (well, she's struggling now..gud luck long!)..she's staying there with her family of course, abg long and my cute litlle nieces, Aneesa and Aisya. They went there mase aneesa still die dah, almost 4 years kat sane...

So, since diorg da kat sane..of course my mum nak g visit them...ekceli planning mmg da lame..since arwah ayah pencen..tapi, xde rezki arwah nak g sane ngn kami....xpe..arwah slalu dlm hati kami mane pon kami, basically arwah ikut la. Bought the tix (air asia of course) at end of year 2010. Partly promo tix, so xde lah murah sangat..Went there with mama n makcik (mama's sis) and makcik vacay took 2 weeks but mama's 2 month coz stay sane jage cucu..but currently da balik dah (refer to my previous post about blog yg berabuk..huhu)

Cost of the tix..mine is RM2.5k flow n thru inclusive everything..baggage, meals, comfort kit...tapi x amek e-player 2...kene tambah sndiri dalam advice, for those yang akan travel jauh2 amek mase 6 jam dan ke atas, sile amek e-player nie...sbb dlm flight adelah sgt boring ok...but sape2 yang ade tablet keee...smartphone keeee...x boring la kot...saye xder sume tuuu..huk huk...
this...heh...nampak kan beza dia..
 The was 13hours flight to Stansted Airport, London..bertolak jam 8.55am, Saturday, 7th May and reached london at 3.55pm on the same day..mcm sekejap kan? tapi sebenonye 13jam..3.55pm tu waktu london, bayang kannn..betapa boringnye saye dalam flight tu...the seats are comparatively small with flight to asians countries ye (it is not because of my big body yeee..pls note dat..huhu) is almost, tiada peluang untuk bersenang lenang dan tuka2 tempat...mat salleh pon ramai naik air asia..obviously because its cheap kan..who wants to spent with 1st class seats but kene dok motel bile da smpai kan? hehe..
Mama n makcik in front of Stansted Airport
Actually kat London itself got many airport...klu uols nek MAS, maybe akan turun kat main London Airport, the Heathrow...tapi air asia turun Stansted je..ok la...canggih juge Stansted nie. Sampai bese kene beratur kat custom..they will ask several questions..just jawab ngn tenang dan jgn takut2..sbb klu kite takut2 nnti die suspect something...yelahh..kite kan muslims with jilbab, they may have some kind of mentality kat org2 kite, just relax and answer their question honestly...

There were 2 meals thruout the flight...but...there were extremely long hours in between the meals...imagine ye...they'll give u 1st meal 2 hrs after take off and ur 2nd meal 2hrs before landing...the 9hrs in between, u have to live without food and, make sure, if u r having 13hrs flight with air asia, bring extra pocket money so that u can order in flight..or, kalau lepas, sile bawe bekal dari rumah...which is of course illegal..hehe...ape pun..u can choose wat type of meal do u want and it is advisable to pre-purchased ur meal coz its wayyyyy cheaper than u order in flight. I chose to have malaysian meal mase pegi dan international meal mase balik...moral of the story..malaysian meal lagi sedap dan mengenyangkan..heh!

In flight meal - Malaysian Meal : 1st meal - Nasik Lemak

in flight meal -Malaysian Meal : 2nd Nasi beriyani

Flight back from Stansted to KL is heaven...x ramai org,i can have all 3 seats for my own..siap boleh tido baring balik adelah flight yg mengejor malam...yele..bertolak kan jam 5.30ptg waktu along the way tu adelah malam...bile nk smpai m'sia baru siang..pls note that they are 7 hours late than us...

So, basically tu la intro nye...till kite jumpe di part seterusnye..peace yaw!

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