Saturday, 31 March 2012

People who is not at the right place

Maybe this post is a bit judgmental..ok..this not good..i keep reminding myself not to be judgmental to anyone around me. Its not healthy coz it'll build a barrier to a relationship..any kind of relationship..

But, this time..i think i have to make an, here me out..reminder: i am not trying to make any statement, i'm just writing on my point of view..

Working in construction industry demands the cooperation from different expertise. Everyone knows fact i think this industry may demand involvement of all of the expertise we have in the world..Therefore, there are lots of interactions between these expertise...they are inter-related and inter-dependent with one another. We were rose up in the field from different background and skills and were put in a place to work together to complete a project.

Problems arise when someone started to jumble up with these different skills. For instance, there would definitely a problem when cost controller will try to be a designer or a market researcher try to be a planner. Most of this started when we feel we did not trust the other party who have different expertise can do their part well and we started to do it in our own way from our point of view, which might be wrong due to lack of the skill that we have.

This would be even more dangerous if the jumble up thingy is from the people at the top of an organization. No doubt that we have to master as many skill as we can but as a normal human being, there are always a limitations. That is why we depend on other people with different skills. That is why a need in working in a group of people from different expertise.

I am looking this from an executive level point of view, who might not know the bigger plans but support the upper level to execute these plan. All i can see there is definitely a problem when people who is not familiar with construction industry trying to boss around people who has vast experience of it. Because i think the way these two people looking to an issue is different. And it become worse when the bossy fails to open up and will only stick to his/her opinion and even force the expert one to act on his so called "not well-evaluated decision due to lack of skill."

But i think, all in'll be back to our attitude. If we opens up and trust the people in the group, i believe we will achieve better results. Because our behavior affected the group especially people at the top level who gives bigger impact to the group.

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