Friday, 26 August 2011

Danger when u r not thinking straight while driving..


Ok, the title is just a gimmick..nothing serious happened to me..alhamdulillah..

Its mind's off a bit lately (ok, not a bit..a LOT), i was driving from my fren's house in Putra Height, back to my home in Sri Kembangan. Routing is on Elite Highway and off to SKVE via Bandar Saujana Putra toll..

Kat SKVE nie, the toll ticket is basically a card (ala..kad yang macam kite lalu kat MTD Temerloh-Kuantan Highway tuh)...slalunye, i will put this card at a compartment beside my seat (driver seat), which, the same place i put my access card to my apartment...

So, nak dijadikan cerita, when i was paying untuk kuar tol tu...i gave the card and the money to the toll gate girl. Then only after drive few metres from the toll, i realised that my access card's gone...i was very confident that i mistakenly given the toll girl the toll card, money and together with my access card.

Somehow, to make sure of it, i did stop at a petrol station to check takut2 kalau my access card tu terjatuh lam kete...i cari but then, i was so confident with hunch that the access card must be with the toll girl.

So, confident with my hunch, i made a u-turn (miss hit a car by inches..thank god) and back to the SKVE highway straight to the toll...tapi kan bile masuk toll it was at the other, i stopped and asked the other girl (at the other driveway) to help me ask her fren kat seblah yg satu lagi..but, she asked me to just reverse the car and luckily ade access to the other driveway, i stopped the car kat tepi jalan and literally walk to the toll girl tpt i pay my toll tadi..mujur highway tu xde kete tgh2 mlm cam nie..

However, the girl told me that she didnt receive any other than the toll card and the money i paid...hoh, sah...access kad aku hilang...i was thinking the trouble that i need to face to get back the access card from my apartment's management as i need to make a police report prior to application of a new will took my time and effort to do that..duh!

Somehow, i tergerak hati untuk bukak my purse and check. THERE IT IS! my access card is in my purse..cemane access card tu boleh ade dalam my purse pon i tak sure...tu namenye x thinking straight ok!...

Fuh, lega...xpayah aku buat report polis bagai...dan i just smile mengenangkan kebodohan i yang melulu..xcek dulu dalam my purse before i made the u-turn back to the SKVE toll...hahaha...bengong! x pasal2 malu ngn toll girl dan pak guard yang jage toll tu..seb baik highway x byk, xde kete yang pandang2 i walking tepi highway jam 1.30 pagi...hahhaha....

Oh, i went to Cruise Tasik @ putrajaya for Iftar today..will update to uols bout it later k..

p.s:/ dun event bring ur credit card and went to alamanda or shopping malls when U ARE NOT THINKING STRAIGHT! takut menyesal kemudian hari...hahahah..(malu sendiri)

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