Friday, 3 February 2012

morning call

I dont know whats got me in this particular morning...

Maybe it's because pretty bad dream i had last night..or just something bothers me...i cant figure it out any way..

Despite of my bad attitude of waking up late which resulted to late coming for works, surprisingly this morning, i woke up super early (6.15am is super early for me though), had my early morning bath, had my hair dried, wear casual working suit and found my self here....

Yes, i am having a so so coffee to start my day...wish it was something better..oh..rindu good coffee like what i had in a cruise from dover, uk to calais, france through the shortest english channel once..

A hot coffee and a ciggarate (ok, thats exaggeration) in a cold chilly weather...what more can i asked..Yes, i am grateful to have those experience to reminisce..and i am very greatful to be still given a chance to breath in the one of the greatest God's creation, the universe...

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