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Singpore City ~ Part 2

After like one month, baru aku ade courage untuk up kan second entry for SG, sekarang perlu refer gambar and last entri post untuk up kan entri ni...perlu reminiscing with photos taken, thanks to my lil but tough compact if u'r doing travelogue, it is good to capture the places names, in case u have entri tertunggak seperti saye..

Oh, baru sampai di Queenstown rupenye cerite aku..jauh lagi perjalanan..banyak lagi activity yang dibuat yg pelu diceritakan...oohhhh...*gigih..gigih..

Ok. we're still in 26th November 2011, arrived in Queenstown at about 5pm. After 5 mins walking to Bugis MRT Station, we were facing some difficulties to understand the MRT systems and route..but, no worries, once u mastered the system, MRT would be your best option to maneuver around the city...and believe me, it'll take little time for you to understand it..maybe few minutes plus communication skill to ask around if you are super genius..

but since we dun have that much communication skill..but still, genius *tangan kat bahu mata ke atas* we end up mingle around the station wondering. which brought us sesat di Bugis Junction. Bagus juge coz later on, we dun even have the time to step foot in here again. Bugis Junction is a shopping mall, where the Bugis Station located just below it. How cool it is, all u have to do just go up on escalator, and naahhh....u r in a shopping mall with lots of ppl and shops. I found it amazing, anyway...

Christmas deco was up one month before the celebration
water fountain @ Bugis Junction

We walked in circle and back to the MRT Station. The initial plan is just to buy 3-day Pass for MRT which will cost us about SGD24, but instead, we found it was not worth it, since we were already there late in the evening, plus our plan for 2nd day is Sentosa Island, where the pass is not needed. But there's always option for only 1 day pass for SGD8 or 2 day pass for SGD16. So, we decided to just buy the standard ticket, which the fare is varies at different station. Tips: you'll always need to pay extra SGD1 for the ticket deposit which u can collect back at your destination via the ticket machine. Jadi naik MRT akan membuat anda penuh syiling SGD1..haha...penuh poket...

Since we hadn't make any hotel kes nak main redah je dengan hati penuh harapan dapat hotel yang decent dan murah..we had to act fast and look for hotel room. Eventhough we decided untuk main redah jer..tapi we did decide to stay around chinatown since, as referring to travelogues, Chinatown is the most convenient budgeted area, where you can get budgeted hotel room with MRT station in walking distance and at the heart of SG where every attraction place is just nearby (less cost for train fares) . Just what we need for the stay. Unfortunate for us, the "budgeted" hotel room is beyond our budget. Haha. Caution peeps: if you decide to spent the night in SG, do allocate extra budget for hotel room. If you are not willing to spend more in accommodation, better stays in JB and go back and forth to SG, and i tell you, cost for staying in hotel in SG may be equal to your stay in JB + travelling cost, make your choice. You also got other option where you may cut some cost for accommodation in SG if u're willing to stay in dormitory room in backpackers hotel. One of the famous budget hotel in SG is Hotel 81, and they have it at most attraction places. But do ready to spend SGD100-300 per night. Yes, if u convert to RM, u'll get at least 4 star hotel in JB...'__'

After walking more than 2 km in search for the hotel room *rase nak tercabut kaki*...we ended up in a super budget hotel, which cost us SGD90 per night. But it is SUPER BUDGET. The hotel have attached shower but no attached bathroom. Bunyik pelikkan...? least if in dormitory we know we gonna have shared bathroom & shower. But this hotel, and i think similar to other super budget hotel room, it is like a room with a queen bed with a box of shower attached. We called  it hotel 'kongkek'..haha..enough said.

Since rase x larat nak dok hotel tu for 2 nights, we decided to switch to  a more decent hotel the next day, which of course costs us more. We'll get there in the next entry...

So, after had a 'great' shower experience in the, i would like to call it shower box in the bedroom, we decided to not waste any precious time. So, that night, after a brief walk around Chinatown, we straight away headed to the our first attraction place, The Esplanade. From Chinatown MRT Station, we traveled to City Hall Station via Outram Park Station, where we need to switch the train. Tips: Please wear your flats or snickers when traveling in SG. You won't need your heels at all because you gonna do your walking cardio all the time. The definition of near the Singaporean is walking for 1km. So, imagine yourself. You'll do lots and lots of walking in SG.
night view of Chinatown

From City Hall Station, we walked again to the Espalanade Theater on the Bay to have a good view of the famous Marina Bay Sand Hotel on our north side, Singapore City on our east side and Singapore Flyer on our west side. Lepak kejap situ sambil berangan dan tgk view yang cantik dan cam whoring. So, mari layan gambar hasil percubaan mengambil gambar yang cantik menggunakan compact camera yang tak berapa nak canggih ditambah pule tak reti nak manual setting kasik cantik..rase loser gila pasal org2 yang lepak amek gambo situ gune DSLR camera dengan lense canggih 88inci..heh..
Christmas deco @Esplanade Theater 

inside the deco..ko hado? hehehe...
The theater
inside the theater
Marina Bay Sands Hotel...ohhhh..hanya boleh berangan...nk dok situ x mampu..
Night view of Singapore..cantek punye location Maybank

After penat meluahkan skill mengambil gambo gune camera x berapa canggih di Esplanade Theater On Bay..we decided to walk to another attraction place, which is The Merlion..bile tgk dari esplanade tu macam x jauh..tapi..benonye jauh juge kene berjalan.

So, we walked along the side of Esplanade Drive to The Merlion. The view of The Merlion during night time is so much better.

basah akibat disiram Merlion (padahal lenjun peluh akibat berjalan kaki)

percubaan melakukan aksi tidak senonoh dengan Merlion

On the way to Merlion tu sempat juge meng-capture ini..

i loooiikeee..nggeeee.....
Dan kami terjumpa ini ketika on the way back to City Hall Station...

Ice cream with waffle..heaven ok..
Before we went back to hotel kongkek, we decided to do another stop. We hop off the train at Clarke Quay Station instead of Chinatown Station. Clarke Quay is another tourist attraction area. This area is quite famous as this is where tourist and locals go for club night out. You'll see lotsa open bar along the river. And there were lots of people lepak on groups by the river. We sat down by the river for people watching. It was fun though...

@ Clarke Quay
extreme activity offered @Clarke Quay
open night club
simplest open bar ever! hehe..ok, tipu..simplest open bar aku penah tgk..

 We were then headed back to our room. But instead of taking train, we decided to have a night walk from Clarke Quay to Chinatown. It was a nice walk in the initial, but after few mins, i wasn't anymore..we were extremely tired since it was about more than 1 km walk from Clarke Quay to China Town. Glad that i did my cardio for the day anyway..worth it since i lost 1kg during the trip..tapi lepas tu gain back berkilo2...sekian..

It was a night to remember..did lots of cardio that night alone. Let alone sleeping uncomfortably in chilly kongkek room with no selimut at all..pakai tuale je..haih..x tahan akuu..esoknye kompem tuka hotel..

Ok, next attraction place is definitely The Sentosa Island. We'll get there in the next entry ya...Soon, i hope..

p.s: Wahhhh...berjaya put up entry in one night! hehe..nice!

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