Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Very Happy Birthday to....ME....yes, ME!

Dari tajuknye ade dah menampakkan aku ni sorg yang self-centred...yep, i am..So what?! Heh..

Alhamdulillah..hari ni genap aku telah bernafas ni muka bumi nie selama 'tut tut' tahun (oh, semakin tua adelah tidak membanggakan, jadi x perlu disebut!)...aku sangat bersyukur sbb diberi peluang yang macam2 sehingga aku rase kehiduapan aku yang 'tut tut' tahun nie penuh ngan warna-warni...aku jumpe pelbagai jenis org, pegi bermacam jenis tempat yang mengajar aku banyak pengalaman hidup..

But, as i said before, in this blog on one of my entry, growing old is mandatory but growing up is, i hope that my brain, my emotion, my maturity grows hand in hand with my age. Each day offers us with new challenges, excitements and experiences. It just how we sees it.

Lately, takde mase nak update blog..sibukkan hape tah..tapi tulahh..ade je yg menghalang tika aku in da mood untuk meluahkan rase hati yang lara ini...

As i mentioned before, my life's turning to a different direction. That is so as i have started my duty in new company. So i am now struggling to fit in with the new environment, new co-workers, new style, new project, new scope of work..everything is alien to me here...ok, tipu..not everything...i know few people fact,i knew my boss and my teammates. We'd been work together before..which means, fitting in with new people around is not the greatest challenge here...

Apart of the needs of waking up early (like, super early) in the morning to go to work, which involving driving to the nearest LRT station and huddling in tiny Monorails, i am more worried about fitting myself in and mixing up with the corporate world. Even though this is not the first time (as my previous co. is a corporate co. as well), but this is like more sophisticated corporate company which require you to wear proper attire and shows the nice professional attitude, which i think what i lacked most.

You know sometimes people can think professionally, act professionally but they are not appear professionally in physical. They just wear the wrong blouse, or the wrong trousers, or the wrong bag or shoes..they seems like not so professional physically. They simply dont have the professional look in them.. and i think i am 'that' people. Haih! Jadi perlu mitigation plan..grooming!

In the meantime, harung je lah...keje dah start menimbun walaupon my laptop belum ready...meeting has been set up..series of discussion will start very i guess, that'll leave me with little time to update the blog..but i'll try my best. good luck to me!

p.s: sebenanye ade banyak lagi nak diceritakan...tapi xder mase..perlu tido awal supaya esok bleh bgn awal...apepun, thanks to those who wish my healthy and blessing u all...


  1. hi jimah,

    Happy Birthday! ;)

    slmt berkenalan ye. hehe

  2. eh ye ke..heppy besday lah ye..huhu

  3. hi yannie...selamat berkenalan..i'll check out ur blog soon and get some idea ok? thanks..

  4. anne..rindu aku kan?? kann?? kann?? yeee...aku tau..hihihi

  5. epy belated beday yer...
    smga tmpt baru memberi pulangan yang lebih berbaloi dari segala segi..