Friday, 28 October 2011

dun make a promise...

...if u dont have the intention to keep it...

Do not make any commitment, if ur heart's not fully into it

Do not say 'yes' to something that u r not sure whether it's okay for u

Do not say if u have no intention to act

Do not appear strong if you are easily mended

Do not be a person unless he/she is you

Do not easily get influenced by one's act, words, or behavior untill u lost your ownself

Do not make any DECISION without even THINK of it

Do not run from your mistake coz it'll hunt you down. Be a man and face it.

Do not make bullshit excuses just to make you look good/innocent. People around you are not stupid.

Do not copy someone else's dream and passion. Visualise your own dream based on your passion.

Do not live in someone else's life. Create your own interesting life and be proud of it.

...these are life's ethics...a reminder to myself that i like to share with all of you...
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  1. hoh... hahh... hmmm... hehehehe... warrrrghhhhahahahaha.... bummerrrr... true true... yup... face it... kehkehkeh... walao eh... dadadadada dadadada dada dadadadadadadadada....