Friday, 21 October 2011


yang taxi model tu been bought in london..nice one! So now i have white koala and a kangaroo on my table
yang ni bukan kat atas meja dekat my bedside table..see how cute the polar bear smiles..ngeee..
Nothing much.

Just to show off my new plush toy on my working table that i bought during my latest trip to gold coast.

Some ppl said that it is so boring to just simply showing off what you bought or where you went in your blog. But who cares anyway?! Blog is an editorial way to say what you think and feel out loud..ppl will make the choice either to read it or otherwise u just have to skip it anyway...kan?

Ok..berbalik pada cerita plush/soft toys..lately ni i macam suka pulak kumpul soft toys kecik2 mcm ni. Ok, yg x kecik pon suka jugak..izzit my sense has become a six year ol again? sure every woman can feel the cuteness of these little tiny minnie plushes..aite? Just like when women heart melts when they see babies..

Jadi di sini saye nyatakan plush di atas meja saye ini adelah cute. And its good to have tools that can calm me everytime i need a stress-releasing, this is my stress-releasing toys..haha..sounds gross!

P.s: will update u on my gold trip very soon..(i hope!)..
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  1. bile boring boleh la main laga2 kangaroo n koala tuh :-)
    bile mau ketemu mau bg strawberry gebu atas pertolongan kamu haritu