Saturday, 1 October 2011

Focus and in control..

I met with a person that i think is amazing (dont know whether he really is amazing as a person, but he really did amazed me)..its not about his appearance or look or his clothes or his smile or whatever..its his idea..his thinking..his confidence..yep..u dun have to know who he is (wont tell u anyway) coz im not talking about him in this talking of his idea...and his is amazing when he is so focus and in control to create a system that will benefit others..

Yep..sometimes u will be inspired when u come across with people who is successful (at least in front of your eyes!)..the way they navigate their life and how they control their life...they way they stay focus on doing things they believe and they actually gain benefits from it..the way they work hard for it...

In this world, there are many kind of people..but with only one live and survive a life given by we live our life are different from one person to another..that's how each person is unique..have their own characters and beliefs..we have solely control over ourselves, not our parent, not our's just our own-self and God...i do believe that..i do believe we have control over ourselves..its not the circumstances or's us who react to whatever things that happened to's the choice we made...

In order to have the capacity to control our life..i believe that we have to stay focus...set a goal and stay focus on achieving it. I remember that one of my lecturer said that we need to have our self-reviewed at every at least 3 to 5 years..what we have achieved and what have not...we need to reviewed our goal..making sure that the goal is achievable and we are able to reach it in a certain time frame..I'm not talking about career only..i'm talking about life as a whole...u cant forecast what will happened in the next five years...but at least you can dream of it and works towards that dream..

I think i have lost my focus lately...ok, not lately...since i was in the relationship with this person which was like 5 years ago..i forgot on what i want to be and forgot my goal in previous five years..i just live the life thinking going to spend the rest with him..i'm in too comfortable space which make me been carried away by feelings and emotions and forgot how to take control of my life..i'm letting him be in control whether i realised it or not..

But breaking up with him wakes me up...its the first time in 5 years that i feel im in control..its not the situation that breaks us (though its part of it)..but i would like to think that its me who made a choice to leave him and gain my life back..its a choice that i made to stay focus on me and my life..its not that i dont have choices, i do..regardless of what the situation is or whatever he did, i can choose to stay in the relationship...but i don't..i chose to get out from it..i chose to not think what my life gonna be without him..i am the one who chose...and the moment i made the choice...i felt that im in control..and the feeling is amazing..believe me!

You see how a simple choice can make your life totally can turn your life 180 degrees, at a different direction..its whether you are bold enough to take the path or not...if you are not, then you shall go back to the way it was where emotions and feeling controls you..where you let the situations controls should've been you who controls the situation.

So now i can focus on me..i have to learn how to control my feelings..not to be carried away with how my heart felt..not to be blind with false hope from others..its a chapter closed and i'm opening another one with me as the main player...

But i think i have better control of me this year...i do travel a lot..i did my krabi trip, my sabah trip, my euro trip and i'm going for gold coast in 12 my focus is on this right now...other things have to wait a lil bit more lah nampaknyee...peace!

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