Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Secret Life of Nora ~ A New Musical Extravaganza i my room..excitedly posting a new post on the recent event happened on my life..this one counts as memorable experience because it was my FIRST TIME doing in..

Yes, you may get it from the title..i just got back from the Istana Budaya, watched the legend Tiara Jacquelina and her crews performing a musical theater called The Secret Life of Nora and i had so much fun...What do you expect kan..the production company itself dah, its the Tiara Jacquelina who is well known as brilliant high class the show must be spectacular..

Thanks to the management of the company where i work who are generously sponsored the ticket show due to our success in fulfilling our KPI target this year..its not the end of the year though..but we already reached the congratulations to each of the staff for their hard work...the ticket is not cheap ok...its RM103 and there were about 70person (which is half of the stadd) who were invited and more than 50 people turn up..

The shows is outstanding and they are literally got the standing ovation..the song, the play, the actor, the props, the costumes, everything is close to perfect...the best of all is the dance..and the dancers also..the show is enjoyable..well, i cant compare with any other theater since this is my first time. But what i can say is i am enjoying the whole almost-three-hours show...sudah! cakap lelebih plak org ingat kite wat iklan theater ni la plak..but, for theatre lover..this is a MUST..

Plus, the management's generosity continued by giving us early departure from office (which is occur once in a blue moon..). So i have more time to dress up and make up..consequently, i received lots of compliments (at least i tot so! :p) saying i look different today..ngeeee...

So let's see some view i've captured during the event...
fee tickets - thanks dear management..

same tak..same kannn...

the stage
the closing performance...superb!

After the show..we (me, kak rini, edan, ori, fairoz, zira and yulia) had our TT session plus char kuay teow @ Sani kuay teow goreng...huhu..

p.s : enchik management, silalh wat event cam ni lagi...pasti saye akan bg kerjasama sepenuhnya..peace~

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