Sunday, 23 October 2011

growing old is mandatory..growing up is optional..

Morning guys (yep..i'm writing this post as early as 9am in the morning..which i barely do during weekends - wake up early and be in front on my lappy)....

As the title showed, this is a little says from somebody somewhere (seriously, i cant recall the source of this)...but i do remember saw this little says appeared on a tv ad which i watched way back lotsa of years before (like really lots) in a photocopy shop when i was doing my diploma in Shah Alam (ha! dah berape tahun yang lalu tuh..uncountable..haha..macam dah tua sangat kot!)..i rememeber my friend jot this down in a piece of paper...and there! this little say stuck in my mind since then...somehow, i dun really appreciate this says back then as much as  i do now...maybe its because im growing old (which is the fact) or im growing up (i really hope so)...

The thing is i've been clingy to this one particular blog in these two days..well, it's really a famous blog..REALLY everybody is reading it...baik lelaki ke perempuan ke...she's portrayed (she's not trying...its just her and she blessed..i guessed..since your blog shows your personality kan?!) as a closed-to-perfect girl with her looks, her life and her everything...yes, shes still young...way younger than me..but age doesn't show your real need other yardstick (definitely not age) to measure your level of point of view, she's matured and a good writer because i found myself keep agreeing with what she wrote, and yes...the way she wrote all the post sangat bersahaja dan simple dan bahasa yg santai...

Well..the thing is..i do read her archive, she's been writing for 3 years already..and what i can see is her blog's growing up with her..the topics that she wrote changes through time and i guessed its because of she's growing not taking you to talk about her in this entry..but i would like to take you to see her as an example of  growing up..because for me, as i read a blog and get cling with it, it tend to read all entry at once and also their archive especially the time when they started blogging..its amazed me to see how they emerged themselves to be a better blogger through time...we can learn from this blogger ya', betullah pepatah mengatakan yang membaca tu jambatan ilmu...and wiser ppl learned from others, we wud want to be a wise ppl, wudnt we?

So, looking back to our you realize how much you've grown up? yes, you can count your age with your fingers..but you definitely can't count your changes in your behaviour, your beliefs, you idea, your goal, your likes and dislikes all these years kan?

Take a minute..get a piece of paper and a pen...better still, get a mirror and stand in front of it..divide the paper into two columns and labelled it with now and back then (for eg. 5 years ago)..write down the things that you like at both times..simplest thing like what you like to eat would do...reminiscing all the things you liked back then...and please do exaggerate the list with other thing like your ambition/goal at that particular time...once its finished, you'll be amazed on how much you've changed through times...

This is one of the way we can learned from ourselves i.e from the experiences that we gained and from the mistakes that we've made..sometimes, we have to take a minute and looked back on what we had in those back years so that we're always remember who we actually are and it'll be a guide for us not to do the same mistakes ever again...which,will make us the better person for ourselves and everybody else..

Your ages will be added by itself each years...its a mandatory..something that you cant run from..something that you must...but your inner-self, your behavior and your beliefs can be only changed if you want it to..

So..good luck in growing up pals...i know that in every person's bottom of heart have the feeling to grow just need to let it out and be it..


  1. haaaa..kau pon bace blog tu kot..hahaha

  2. weyhh good stuff written here weyhh..sentap kejap..about that part of growing up tuh! terasa enlightened pon ada! dan terasa seperti sampah pon ada...mixed feeling n berdebar2 tapi mcm bg new hope. weird..hehehe..keep writing up! aku sukee!!

  3. haha..thanks baybeh..will try to write more and more..lately byk mase terluang..haha..teettt..

    do keep follow me yer...ngeee..