Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Warning! Ini bukan entry ulasan cerite Britney Spears "Crossroads" yang ditayangkan pada 2002 ye. I know nothing bout the movie. Never watch it. Is it good? Should i watch it?

Ini adelah tentang kehidupan aku. At some point in my life, (or i believe, in anyone's life..but since ni blog aku, korg sile buat blog sndiri klu nak cite pasal crossroad korang) i'll meet with one crossroad. It is not so often but lately, it is. Maybe back then, i was not matured enough to see it was a crossroad, for instance, lepas PMR dulu nak amek pure science or technical science (of coz i chose technical science, klu pure science dah jadi dokter kot!), but now, due to aging aaaaannndd maturity, i feel like i was always meet with these crossroads.

Especially and mostly in my career life which is only 4 and a half year now. Rase dah macam2 simpang aku jumpe. Kalau dulu masa blaja, you'll met with this crossroad when u need to decide what course u want to take. The rest of four to five years is the journey to go along the path u chose and making sure we reached the top. But in career life it is soooo much different. I guessed maybe just at the early phase of career life which what i am facing now. Is it true, dear people?

The thing is, i went for an interview today. It is a construction company, or mainly known as Class A Main Contractor. The position offered is Contract Executive, and will be based at site. Its a contract basis based on construction period. The contract period is 18months and they are building a high rise luxury apartment in Sunway. The salary offered is about RM300 or less than what i'm getting now.

The thing that the interviewer highlighted to me is that i have zero experience working in construction firm. FYI, i spent 1 1/2 years working in consultant firm and 3 years in my current position as an exec in a developer company. Mind that i am in project dept instead of contract dept, which i shud since im a QS background. Looking at my background, yes, i had to agree with him. I never worked with any Main Contractor. It is a good chance for me to get such exposure considering that i am still below 30 and should get as many exposure as i can get in the industry regardless of what company i am in. I can imagine that the scope of work will be so much different from what i am doing now, just like what the interviewer said that everything will be fresh for me.

Sounds like no argument at all right? Here's come the problem....

I am ssooooo in the comfortable zone in my current company. I love what i am doing now. Despite it may be deviate from my QS background, but my scope of work taught me lots of thing especially on the technical part. I am working in corporate environment, which surprisingly, i love it (like, doing all the paperwork to get higher management's decision and all sort of thing). I love the environment. I love the friends and co-workers. I like my boss, at least some of it, but overall is okay. I have the freedom to speak up for my opinion and bosses are pleasantly hear it. Plus, i have 25days of annual leaves. That's a lot! Can consume all of it for my dreamed trip.

The part that i dont like, is, salary. Well, not sure whether i am not thankful enough or what, since few people said that is what i should be getting at my age. But, when seeing people do less work but getting more bucks than me, bothers me a bit. Its the bureaucracy that i hate. Its the thing that u have to 'bodek bos untuk naik pangkat' and people see your physical instead of your performance, bothers me a lot. I dont know whether this apply to all company or not (since i only have experience with 2 companies). And, i already had three years of experience in managing the police quarters and offices projects, which i dont know whether it is sufficient, but i would like to experience managing other type of projects, like building an MRT, or airports or even mixed development or properties that is profit based.

Ok now, are you getting it?

I may be passed the offer at the construction company, but i am still not sure whether it is a good decision or otherwise. Is it worth the extra RM300 to compensate all my comfort in my current company? Should i sacrifices all the comfortableness for the sake of searching for exposure and experience? Do i need such experience since i pursue myself to be a CEO or at least a GM in a corporate company like where im working now in 20 years from now? (wah kauu...cita2...xhengat punya! Ni time skarang laa..time belum ade laki dan anak...heharap kekal la cite2 ni smpi bila2)...

Maybe it's okay to pass such offer now. But how bout in a year time, or two years time?

Or...maybe i just think too much and shall go with the flow instead..?

Ok, dah pening...esok la sambung pikir....

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  1. totally agree! it is the matter of being in comfort zone or better salary! i'm in that position now but heck i'm less fortunate since my experience in the consultant firm lagi la merapu..it actually dragging me down. jimah, u gotta do what your hearts tells you to do. find a better job! i know u can do it girl!

  2. aku rasa kalau setakat +300 tak cukup kot.
    (macam bos yg aku kenal tu kata..every year company biasanya akan naikkan 5% gaji sebab inflation barangan keperluan. kalau naik gaji kurang dari tu bermakna tahun depan sebenarnya kita macam dipotong gaji sebab harga barang naik tapi gaji kita tak sampai nak tampung perbelanjaan barangan macam tahun sebelum tu... kalau bos baik hati bagi lagi +5% to 10% ikut performance)
    lagi 1 cuti ko mesti jd macam aku gak 12 hari jerk nanti.
    sekarang ko dapat lebih 13 hari 'gaji free' compare dengan aku.hahaha...aku jeles...!!
    bonus lagi agak2 berapa dapat? cecuba ko compare2 dulu before decide nak pergi.
    kalau betul2 dapat beeeettterr offer baru pergi kot. maybe boleh try cari2 yang lain plak...oversea ker??? hehehe
    lagi paling penting adalah ko suka tempat sekarang..mesti sayang nak lepas unless mmg ada reason yang paling kukuh kan?kan?kan?
    sama2 la kita mncari hala tuju..aku pun selalu lost pikir masa depan...wakaka

  3. + anda kan bijaksana & confident tinggi cecuba try cari yg lagi umpphhh mana tahu rezeki melimpah...tuah ayam nampak di kaki..tuah mek jimah siapa yang tahu...

  4. adda:
    ha.. tu la...bab being dragged down tu yang aku takut tuh..sbb bila dah terlalu lama kat satu kompeni tu ni la jadinyee..rase macam terlalai jee..tau2 je byk mase dah berlalu pergi dan kite sendiri jadi unsure pasal pencapaian kite. Tapi untuk hijrah mmg bukan satu yang mudah...die macam xboleh banyak berfikir. kene go out there and do it.

    Liza Yan:
    kannnnnn???? tulah aku pening btol skang ni..aku takut macam ade badi tau dok kat co aku skang..cam, skali aku masuk, dah taleh kuar2 dahh..ahahahah..
    Tapi bab exposure tu ape komen ko? Tidakkah ko rase kite perlu itu?