Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Jay Pee Ouw...the first branded factory outlet in SEA

Jay Pee Ouw?? Euuwwww...ok, its actually J.P.O or Johor Premium Outlet. At last! The Premium Outlet was safely opened, but not yet launched (by the time i wrote this), in our own beloved country.

Nak citer sket kat sini...Premium Outlet has widely opened in USA, Japan and Korea. It's a place that gathers lots of factory outlets of branded names. The concept of Premium Outlet is similar with other factory outlet, only it carries branded and designers names. Premium Outlet is originally owned by Simon Property Group based in US.

Ours is located at Johor Bahru, near Kulaijaya, about 30 to 40 mins from JB town. The outlet is joint venture between Simon Group and Genting Group. Yep, u'll find it in the google. But that's not so important. More important thing is, J.P.O is the first Premium Outlet been opened in the South East Asia region. Which means, the J.P.O will attract people from all over South East Asia to come and shops here. I'd say, it'll be a very good long term investment.

Lucky me! I had the chance to step my foot there yesterday. It was an easy journey to the place. All u need to remember (either you are from JB to KL or vice versa), is to take off from the PLUS North-South Highway at Tuas interchange. Few metres after the toll booth, u'll find a big signboard that will lead you directly to the building.

The surroundings, saling tak tumpah macam other designer's factory outlet i that went before i.e Harbour Town in GC or Junction 32 in Leeds, UK. Same. Similar. There are few blocks of shop lots in one area that is beautifully landscaped with fountains, ponds and etc. There area is also equipped with adequate facilities like management office, toilets and ATM. There are also food courts besides other restaurant that offers various cuisine.

went in when the sky is still bright

part of the landscape (ok, cantik sebenarnye..gambo yg den captured ni je x cantik..huhu)

went out and the sky was already dark..hehe

big signboard which u can see from the highway

view from parking area
The list of the shops, u may found it in the web (which i linked in the previous entry)..most of the brand are there (except all Class A designer's like Gucci or LV) in factory outlet. You'll se GAP outlet, Levi's outlet, Coach Outlet, Nike Outlet and etc. There are more than 50 outlets listed. 3 hours might not enough for you to visit all of the outlets.

Price! (this must be the most tempting part of this entry..haha) Ok, the price is much much cheaper compared to their stores n boutique in normal shopping malls. Well, its factory outlet anyway, they shud be cheaper. But, for those shops that is not "outlet", the price in comparatively low. For instance, Guess or Clarks (which not a factory outlet store), offers lower price as well. The designs are updated as well.

Ok, some of the price that i had the chance to capture are : Clarks shoes up to RM180, Jerseys of Football Clubs by Nike or Adidas are within RM120 to RM190, Charles and Keith shoes from as low as RM39, Fossil watches from RM 200 to RM 350, Fossil purses from as low as RM80, La Senza cute panties for RM60 per ten pieces, its lingerie (sexy one) as low as RM60, Levi's jeans at RM150, GAP dresses, from as low as RM40 (unbelievable!), Padini t-shirts at RM24, Guess dress from RM100, Coach wristlet at 30% discount (about RM400+), and more. Itu antara yang i boleh ingat. I am not sure whether the price is lower due to they are newly opened or what. But, the price is affordable. No wonder there were lots of Singaporeans come down here to shop. Of course sbb duit diorg mmg lagi tinggi. Imagine they'll get Clarks shoes at about SGD 60. Sape tanak kan..dari shopping mahal2 kat Orchards Road kannn... plus there are also Michael Kors, Raoul, Salvatore Ferragamo, Armani, Burberry and etc for more classy brands that been offered there.

Some of the pictures of the outlets....

And much more..takut kelihatan peghok plok kalau amek gambo sume outlet, sile pegi sendiri yer..heheh

Wow, now, we dun have to go far to shop. Just come down to JB, and shops here. It'll be worth it. So, tak payah lagi fly ke Harbour Town in Aussie to shop at designers outlets. Sini je pon dah cukup..Heh, good for me. Pas nie kalau kembara, tidak lagi perlu pikir tentang shopping dan sebuk nak cari branded items at lower price. Sbb sini dah ade! Heheheh...

OK lah sume. Sape yang have the chance to come down to JB, this place is a MUST visit. Go there and you'll get worth branded items.

Dah...nak g keje nieee..

p.s:/ Liza, Yan...suke la kau yeee..tiap2 kali blk kg, leh ler kau melawat sini...Kempes la purseeee...hahaha


  1. Jimahhhh next time ko outstation ke sini i followeewww

  2. suke2.....nnt bile balik jhr kteorang nak g wat lawatan tapak plak...hahaha..klu dah dpt bonus beshhhhh ni g sini...kalau tak kemmmmmpeeesss jerk la purse...
    ko borong apa kat sana?

  3. kak yus : wokeyyyy....nnti kite setting tgk cemane yerr..

    liza yan : xder ler shopping ape uols..i x kayes lah skang...bli lingerie je yang mampu..ahahha