Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gold Coast ~ Part 5

Peh..dah hamper 2 bulan berlalu..i x habes2 kan lagi entri GC nie..aku yang lems meng'update' entry atau masa sangat cepat berlalu? ok, saya pilih mase cepat berlalu..jadi x rase bersalah sangat..

Ok, now we were on our 4th day in GC or 5th day of my trip. Its monday. And we started the day with handling the passport lost issues. This is the gloomy thing as i said earlier in my previous entry.

We rang the Lost and Found Service at Translink but unfortunately, nobody has turned in with neither purse nor passport. So, we straight to police station to at last lodge a police report. In the meantime, we pursued with our Plan B (as if the purse will never be founded). We were trying to call Malaysian Embassy in Brisbane but we were being put with answering machine that leads us to another number, the Malaysian Consulate in Canberra.

So, lepas bercakap dengan org konsulat mengenai masalah kami, kami hanye diberi satu opsyen saje. That is, we need to fly down to Canberra to get the new pasport or temporary traveling document. Ape??! kene g Canberra?? And for your info, canberra is hours of drive away from GC, or 2 hours of flight. But, we dont have any other option. Kesian Liza. Terpakse die mintak peruntukan tambahan untuk cover kos ke Canberra. So, the plan is to get Liza and Yan to the first flight to Canberra from GC Airport.

Lucky us, as the day has been saved by Fae's Uncle who stays in Brisbane (he's a Oz's PR actually). Nasib baik fae ade keluarga kat OZ. Lets call him Ayah Ngah. Ok, ayah ngah has traveled down to GC from Brisbane dan jumpa kami di GC Airport. That time, we all hampir2 nak extend stay. Xpuas la stay kat GC sbb ade banyak lagi mende x buat. Tapi, again, unfortunately, the flight time can only be shifted 48 hours before depart, which, we were only 1 hour late. Kalau nak tuka flight, it'll be as good as buying a whole new flight tiket...Aduhhh!! Bagai halilintar menyambar telingaku...mane nak cari duit nak extend stay kan? Kos flight lagi, kos extend stay lagi...ok, pikir balik, there will always be another trip to GC in the future. Jadi, sabarlah wahai hati.

Mase menguruskan pembelian tiket Liza and Yan ke Canberra, which x igt diorg naik flight ape, Virgin Australia rase, kami diberitahu berita sedih lagi, iaitu sume flight ke Canberra dari GC Airport sold out. So, instead of taking the flight from GC Airport, they need to depart from Brisbane Airport. So, the plan of the day changed again. Lucky to have Ayah Ngah with us, we traveled up to north to Brisbane by car. So, half of our day was in Brisbane.

In Brisbane, we made our first stop melawat kubur arwah nenek Fae. Arwah meninggal di Brisbane mase melawat Ayah Ngah back in nineties. Mase tu fae darjah2, basically, this is the 1st time fae melawat kubur arwah. Then, we dropped of at Ayah Ngah's apartment for refreshing. And then, which  became the best part of the day despite of all the probs we faced all day, Ayah Ngah has brought us to a restaurant that served the finest Fish and Chips ever in Brisbane. And it's true, it was the finest, the best Fish & Chips that i ever tasted in my whole life. No bluff. It is the best! Way more better than what has been served by Fish Manhattan or Fish & Co. Way better! But, since we were running out of time, we tapau-ed the foods and eat in the car while heading to Brisbane Airport to drop off Liza and Yan for their Canberra trip.

This is how the best Fish & Chips looks like.It's a set with calamari. Heaven!


The restaurant that served the best Fish & Chips. Lupalah nama dia..tak take note pule! Xpe next time nak pegi tanye Ayah Ngah. Next time i'm in Brisbane, this place will be a must-stop. Notice the ice-cream box, lambang macam walls but here, in OZ, they call it 'streets'
Ok, then, we reached Brisbane Airport and drop Liza n Yan off. Sedih sebab terpaksa berpisah. Tapi nak wat cemane. Kalau x g Canberra, cemane nak balik kalau takde passport or  temporary traveling document. So, after that, only left me and fae untuk teruskan trip GC ni. But, Liza n Yan's trip to Canberra is only for one day. That next night they gonna be in GC again. Just in time for our depart flight back to KL the next day. But then, Liza n Yan decided to extend their stay for another two nights. More of it later.

Since we're already in Brisbane, Ayah Ngah was kindly took us to stroll around the town. Not much to see, since it was already sun set and most of the shops has closed. After go round the town, we straight headed back to GC.
Marriot hotel in Brisbane

Me and fae ended the day by having a night swim in the heated pool at our apartment, releasing all the stress we faced during the day. We had a fine time and chat for an hour at the pool.
night view of our apartment

session in heated pool. Oh, btw. Its heated yea..thats why kitorg boleh berendam tetengah malam nih!

Despite of all the thing that had happened, we did learned something. First, now we know how to overcome problem like this, lost of traveling documents, in OZ. And secondly, it teaches us to be extra cautious when traveling abroad. We may need to just lock our passport in the safety deposit box in hotel room. No need to carry with us the whole time.

Till we meet again in next update! haha

p.s: ekceli aku macam malas dah nak update entry GC nie coz the rest of the trip is not that fun anymore. Tapi habes kan jugaklah...sebab next day tu aku pegi Movie World. Tapi x enjoy sangat sbb mase sgt mencemburui..nantilah aku cerita. Xsemangat sebab x bes sangat. Nape tah since that GC aku macam dah x bape fun travel dan  masih tercari2 fun trip macam Krabi or Sabah.


  1. next time moh travel ngan aku..sure ko tak bosan sebab asyik kena kutuk ngan aku..cepat lah wehh sempat update blog lagi..kata nak lepakkkk

  2. babe how bout rough expenditure cost entry up next..?