Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Full Moon

This entry shud be done yesterday night. But since i was too tired to sit in front of my lappy after 2 hours straight of not-so-professional badminton training, i had no time to write this post. Balik training trus merangkak naik atas katil dan tertido.

All i wanna say that, yesterday, bagi siapa yang perasan, we had a full moon. Ye, kalau ikut bulan islam pon, kite mmg dah di tengah bulan Muharram. But, this one is different. The moon was so big and bright and beautiful. The good weather with lil bit of stars at the night sky added the beauty of the moon.

And I was awe-struck by its beauty while driving back home from the badminton training or, to be precise, after 'lepak mamak' session with Cik Sal. Can't get my eyes off the moon. Umpama melihat seorg putera raja kacak lagi kaya sedang melambai2 ke arah daku. Even, when i was driving, my eyes was not on the road or on the traffic, but i kept watching the unmoving moon. My eyes was locked to it and there was a bumpy feeling when the moon was out of my sight and i was hastily tried to locate the moon. Like i don't want to miss any second of the sight of it. It was like fell in love at the first sight (yeah, i now exactly how it felt).

And I was driving at 50km/hr (which is so not me, for those who knows) so that i have more time to see the moon, and i was speeding up when i lost it. It was like driving to the moon. Kalau lah boleh drive je sampai ke bulan, dah lame aku buat. heh!

Mungkin kejadian 'full moon' ni disebabkan kejadian gerhana bulan sabtu lepas. Ye ke? Mungkin! Mind my knowledge in 'ilmu alam' is not so much. haha..

But today, i cant see the moon anymore. I think it is because of the cloudy weather with a lil bit of rain we are having tonight. Seolah-olah bulan yang cantik semalam macam merajuk je tak nak kuar dan menyorok belakang awan. And we cant do nothing about it. Just hoping that we will still have the chance to meet with the full moon again.

Food for thought...that is how life goes. Nobody can really know what will happen tomorrow. Today, we might experience good stuffs, have good vibes, feeling successful, but next morning might not be as bright as yesterday. The most important thing is, to cherish the good moments that we are having today, dont let it slipped away through our fingers without really feel it, and to always be cautious to whatever possible or impossible thing that may happen in the future.

The beautiful moon we had last night.....

ok, aku tau korang rase x cantek pon...sbb gamba ni diambil dari camera phone yang tah bape pixel tah (malas nak belek fon utk cek pixel die)...at the moment i captured this photo, i wish i was having super highly powerful DSLR camera...

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