Friday, 25 November 2011


The world is what is all aROUND you.

And yes, the word 'round' is always been used because the world,  the earth, is literally spherical. It moves just like a moving ball in its own axis.

That is why, sometimes you are up in the sky high and sometimes you are at the deepest sea. When you are in antarctica, you wont know when you're gonna get to the artic ocean. And if you are lucky enough, you'll be stuck at the equator.

BALANCE in life is what's the best. Too much of power will make you loss and powerless brings you nowhere. So when you feel like you have the power, maybe it's good to look down and appreciates the one who gives you to feel the power. And if you're fell powerless, it's time for you to work hard and strive to get some powers.

When you're up, don't ever look down to people. Because you'll never know that maybe someday that people will jump higher than you. Do not underestimate people because you don't know their capabilities and talent. One day A is a CEO and B is an exec, but the other day, B may be a Managing Director which A got to report to.

Life is about being balance. The world may be round, but life is about getting to the middle.

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