Friday, 18 November 2011

Gold Coast ~ Part 4

Ok peeps..we're in Part 4 already..which means it's my 3rd day in GC..16th October 2011..

Its beautiful sunny Sunday and the plan for today is shoppinggg!! What?! Another shopping session?! What to say..perempuan kan...

Ok, since its Sunday, we chosed to visit Carrara Market. This market is only opens on weekends..Since the review is quite good, which says that we may get good bargain for souvenir, we think it'll be worth to spend some time here.

This market located quite far from town. We've got to take two busses to get there and the journey took us more than 45 minutes plus more minutes to wait for the right bus to come. But since we'd become specialist in Translink, we were safe from taking the wrong bus..not lost this time..phew!! our precious time saved.

The Carrara Market is located in Carrara! haha..actually its near Nerang-Broadbeach Road. That is why we need to take two buses to come here..1st is to take bus going to Gold Coast Airport which will take you along Gold Coast Highway Road..then do stop at in front of Gold Coast Convention and take another bus going to Broadbeach which will bring you along Nerang-Broadbeach Road...

We reached there at was hot and sunny and yet we need to walk about 400metres from the bus stop to the market..

Dari jauh Carrara Market nampak macam kawasan perindustrian. Its basically lots of blocks of warehouse in one place with narrow path in between. Unlike Philipinos Market in KK which all booths in one big warehouse, the shops here is well separated with partitions. Each unit sells different types of things..there's lots and lots of units that sells vaaaaarrriiioooouusss types of things...when i say various, it was like so many fucking damn things sold it, every single item from rare, antiques, souvenir, toys, shirts, dress, lingerie, handbags, jewellery, books, kitchens appliances, decorative items are sold here..dont get me wrong,..this market is nothing like Pacific Fair or Harbour Town. This market is a place if you're looking for fake and re-use or 2nd hand items..more like our Petaling Street. Its just that this market do offer rare items, like really rare. To be precise, its more like Pasar Karat in Johor Bahru (night market in JB town) but with a lot more items..

If you wish to know further what sold in the market, u might want to visit this web..

We shopped for souvenir sila lakukan aktiviti tawar menawar di sini ok. Display price is quite high comparatively. In order to do that, please do some price survey at other places so that u'll have some indication on the price range. It'll help you from being bluffed by the seller..

Kitorg stop kat satu stall jual barang souvenir..a chinese aunty yang jual..sume pakat beli kedai die..sampai pening aunty nie kitorg tawar..pening2 pon untung besar...jadi takpe..kite pembeli, dia penjual and customers is always right kan? Untuk menghargai kami, die bagi souvenir beg sorang satu..tpi yang tak bestnye, cacat rupenye beg says AUSTALIA instead of AUSTRALIA..patut la bagi free..hampeh punye aunty..tertipu kitorg..cet!

And some of the items being sold here...
gothic, bukan?..perh..kalau ade saiz ni mau aku beli nie...simpan buat pakai malam pertama..awww!!
strawberry celop cokelat..
this one caught my eyes...menarik gile signboard2 ni sume..x beli sbb malas nak carry bawak balik..kalau bungkus lam beg kang bengkok plak..haha..
decorative items..isk..cantik2..kalau bawak contena..mau aku beli nih! (peh, cam byk duit pon..)

more deco items

toys and models

used and rare items
There's also some activities to do here..but not suitable for us lah obviously..heheh..

ponies...mau pengsan pony ni kalau kitorg naik..heh..

bungy trampoline...amacam..korang ade berani..kalau aku takut x ter bungy je..static je..terlampau berat untuk melantun..haha
baling syiling dan wished for a handsome and rich husband..haha..

We finished there at almost noon. Had to walk another half kilometers to the bus stop with extremely hot weather and shopping items in both of our hands (wished we rented a car instead!). We straight back to our apartment. Tak larat weyh nak hangkot barangan shopping ke hulur ke,we decided to go back first before our next activity..

We planned for having a nice swim at Wet and Wild Theme Park, but we were going to Harbour Town instead. Another shopping session! Kuat shopping btol budak2 nih..haha..

Harbour Town is not so far from our apartment..its just 15 minutes journey by bus and there were plenty of buses available to ride on.

Harbour Town is another version of Pacific Fair Shopping Centre but it is sooooo much better. Like SOOO MUCHHH..if you're happened to be in GC, come here and skip Pacific Fair. I regretted the time we spent at Pacific Fair, since Harbour Town offers much more with very good price. This is the shopping heaven just like YORK FACTORY OUTLET which i visited during my trip to Leeds, UK.

Harbour Town offers branded items in good price. It's a very good bargain here. You may get more info on what outlets available here from this website..

Menarik, bukan..? i shopped like a princess here. More options with cheaper price here. Bought quite lotsa thing here..dresses, shirts, shoes, handbags..damn i wished i had more money (we always wish that!)

Oh, and there's one souvenir shop here that offer much lower price than those we bought this morning in Carrara Market. Shit! Wished we discovered this place much earlier. Heh!

us @ courtyard of Harbour Town

while waiting for bus..going back to our apartment with our shopping goods
super delicious strawberry
Oh, this place closed at 5.30pm. Oh why they close so damn early? That is the difference of working hours here from Malaysia..regardless whether you're working in office or opening a business, you'll work till 5.30pm only! The rest of the hour is yours and your family's.. tapi kite shoppers la rase x puas..T.T

So that night we had plenty of time. We didnt go downtown tonight. Just had a good rest, cooked and had dinner together. Since we had longer time at night, the chef cooked special dishes for us..look what we had that night...
kari daging ok..siap potato salad lagi tauu...errhh..tetibe rindu kat potato salad itu..
Ingat malam tu nak berendam kat kolam, tapi last2 sume tertido kepenatan akibat aktiviti shopping tahap gune byk tenaga dan otak ok!! Haha..

The next day was gloomy..but again, we survived..akan diceritakan di next entry yer..

motip taruk gamba ni?!! Sebab aku rase aku cun dlm gamba ni!! Hhahahah...p.s:/ bukan dalam gamba ni je tau..real pon cun hapeee..(peh, angkat bakul nek lif)


  1. macam best lak weh.. harus kena g lagi nih kan...

  2. heheh..tulahh..tu pon byk tempat x cover lagi..sabo baru separuh trip jer nih..ade lagi separuh.. hehe..