Thursday, 10 November 2011

Amazing love between father and daughter..

Found this amazing amazing video while browsing the facebook (yep..just browse around! no mood to put any update on it anyway)...

Pals...look at the naive and unpretentious..singing her heart out loud under her pj's..with sloppy just-get-up-from-bed looks..very pure and innocent..she's so sincere with her singing and doesn't even care whether her pitch and tone is at the right place or not...she just having fun singing with her dad and she's enjoying every moments of it...

Falling in love with this video, so i googled bout this duo..and i found this link..they actually have their own official website..reading the story making me realize that the future is not for us to tell..we may get what we least expected..all we need to do in this whole beautiful world is just to survive the life in the most honest way...what goes around, do comes around..if we are doing all good deeds with sincere, good things will come to us eventually...all we need to do is to be patient...

Do check out their other videos..they sang lotsa other hot songs by famous artistes..its all over the youtube with millions of viewers..great great videos..

oh, btw, i never heard the song..but its kinda here's the original version..

"home is whenever im with you!" - 
deep, beautiful, meaningful, emotionally affected, strong's everything!

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