Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Pleasant Evening

Its weekend night and i had no plan for the night till 5pm when salmah, my colleague, buzz me via tonic asking about my plan for that night. The initial plan is to just having a teh tarik session at our common beloved mamak restaurant near the office. But then, something has triggered our mind and we suddenly decide to have seafood for dinner and it must be the fresh ones. So, kuala selangor is the answer! And we have Anne, Zira and Salmah's sis joining us made things merrier.

We started the journey at 6.30pm from office, with me, salmah, zira n salmah's sis in one car and we met anne along the way. It took us about 1 hour drive from putrajaya to the restaurant. But the journey was worth it despite of meeting with stretches of jammed vehicles.

The restaurant's not really located in Kuala Selangor, it's actually 28km from K.Selangor. The place called Jeram. Its in between Kapar, Klang and Kuala Selangor. I've never been to this place. So, Salmah became the GPS. We reached there around 8.15pm.

Ok, the restaurant was named, Aroma Ikan Bakar. Some of you might been there, but for me it's the first time. It looks like ordinary seafood restaurant located by the sea that offers various kind of seafood. Yeah, i went to the restaurant like this few times before, but this place offers much more kind of seafood and yes, they are fresh and cheap some more. Wait till i tell you the price later. The restaurant is big, lotsa table (yeah it is a lot), and they said that its hard to find an empty table during weekends. Luckily, there were not many customer when we reached there. The restaurant also offers many kind of sitting place. You can choose to either to sit in their little bamboo shed, which you need to pay extra RM10 per hut, or at ordinary table in thier restaurant. Moreover, there were an event on going that time, which means they have all the facilities and instruments for events.
the hut

The Food. We had Masak 3-rasa Ikan But-But (i don't really know fishes' names/types, but Salmah said so). According to Salmah, this fish is cheaper than Jenahak but have the almost same taste. Thanks to her, i've added another info on marine life into my knowledge pot. haha. We also had squids (damn delicious) goreng tepung, buttered prawns, Lala (one type of kupang) goreng pedas, ikan pari bakar, and kerang bakar. These was served with rice and vege soup. Not to forget complimentary telur dadar by pakcik yang amek order special for adik salmah coz die buat muke kesian nak order telor dadar jugak..haha..

Layan gambar makanan dulu...

And us with happy but starving faces...

All of these, inclusive of drinks, cost us only RM131.70..murah kan?? sotong tu 5 ekor tau, prawn 15 ekor..besau2 pule tuh..haaaa..told you..the specialty of this place is its price and also their fast service..i am looking forward to come here again some other time...

We had our gossip session after finishing all the food. Had a great session gossiping while walking by the sea. Lepak tepi batu dan merenung bulan..Perh..those times with friends that should be cherished.

gossipping session and later we had our walk at nearby benteng..
Great food. Great place. Great friends. Great time. Well done guys!

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