Friday, 18 November 2011

The time, time travels

Yerp..teringat citer the time traveller's wife..bagi sape yang dah menonton citer tu mesti korang akan berangan dapat superpower macam tu..dapat travels through time..pasti ade banyak mende yang nak di ubah di mase lepas so that we'll have a better future..

Yes..time travels super duper fast nowadays..sedar tak sedar we're already in the middle of November of 2011 which means it'll took another one and a half month to the end of 2011..teringat mase awal tahun dulu..i was so excited to go through this year with lots of plan ahead.. i had anticipate that its going to be a busy year..and it is a busy year. I still remember i was smiling and excited thinking about vacations and trips that i was gonna have this year..all four of them, Krabi, Kota Kinabalu, Europe and Gold Coast, Australia.. and all these four has happened...i've ended it in last October..and i missed each one of them..

Along the way, i gained so much experiences, saw so much thing, did lots of activities, had so much was really great time with family and friends. And i am grateful to Allah to give me such chances..

Betul kata orang2 tua..jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan..those 'pemandangan' cannot be describe by words..ok, boleh, tapi x will not feel the same way as the person who experience always been that'll never know the real feeling unless you really in it..really experience it physically and mentally..rasa dengan kelima-lima deria yang dikurniakan Allah SWT..that is why i urged all my friends to go out and experience yourself..the experience will definitely open up your mind and heart and you'll be grateful for that..

Masa yang diberikan pada kita tak panjang..moreover, we will never know when the Death Angel will come visiting. Jadi masa ni lah kene gunakan sepenuhnya. Life is about learning to balance things up..there's a says that aura yang baik adalah aura yang berada di tengah2 dan seimbang...and i believe it's true..Agama pun menuntut kite bersederhana/wasatiah iaitu berada di tengah-tengah...mungkin setiap org mempunyai angan-angan dan impian yang berbeza..but getting out from your comfort zone is the'll let you learned new things..something that you don't know before.. and since time doesnt wait, we have to move fast..make faster decision and act faster...

The worlds is getting older..looking at her condition now, i come to realize that there are lesser time for me to go see other part of the choked me when thinking bout so many countries and places i haven't see..Korea, Japan, India, New Zealand, Middle it...those are countries i never explore..damn they were good places and must visit...

Every single human have the same 24 hours in a day..not a single human being have one single extra second..not one..the question is, how do we fill it...apart from our 'routine', do we actually do SOMEthing? Do we gain anything from that SOMEthing we did? Do we know that SOMEthing is really worthy? I personally envy friends who's married and have kids. From my point of view, having your own family (with your life partner and kids) is life's ultimatum...tapi i percaya Allah dah tetapkan rezeki dan jodoh masing2..and pals, meramaikan khalifah Allah di bumi is the most noble thing in the world..please do proud of it and be grateful that you had the chance to do it..

So, dun even think that your life is sucks when you sees other people travel all round the world and do all kind of activities..because the most important thing is what did you do with the TIME that has been given to you...

Now i'm thinking what i need to do with mine...and really do it...!

Now? it's already 2.45am and i think i need to sleep..

p.s:/ I always say that if i have another life, i wanted to be a surgeon! haha..tu la..dulu belajar malas..dah x dapat jadi dokter dan buat keluarga bangga..haha..

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