Monday, 14 November 2011

Apa Sebenarnya Yang Kita Nak Buat dalam Hidup?

Soalan ni tiba2 muncul dalam fikiran aku...

And i know this question will sometimes cross our mind especially when we're in discussion with friends while having teh tarik session and listening to everyone who is bragging about their success in life..(takpe..dengar je..then digest..sbb you can take other people stories in 2 different, you can be truthfully inspired by them, or kau boleh anggap "elleeehh...kau hanye nak berlagak je kan ngn cerite2 kau tu kan?"..either way, confidence level si pencerita will boost up dengan menceritakan kejayaan hidup dia..jadi anggap tu satu pertolongan)

But, no matter how much we heard other people's story, all the story will come back to us..made us think why and why we can't be as success as them..

Everybody has been brought up differently. The way we've been brought up has shaped us and turned us into who we are. It'll influence our pattern of thought, our attitude and our goal and desires. That is the fact that cannot be denied.

Persoalan "Apa sebernarnya yang kita nak buat dalam hidup" adalah berbeza antara satu sama lain bergantung pada pandangan masing2. Xde yang salah..xde yang betul..It's just the way we see other people's goal without putting ourselves in their shoes has put the sentence into right or wrong.

So, when you heard someone telling what he/she actually want in their life, stop making judgement. Because you never know, not a little bit, what they've gone through in their life. Respect, that is the key of communication with other human being. When you respect, you'll listen, and if you are wise enough, you'll learned from their stories. That is what they never taught you in university.


"A fool's brain digests philosophy with folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence, a university education." - Larry Crowne in movie "Larry Crowne" quoted from George Bernard Shaw.

That is why we need to educate ourselves, with whatever education offered in the whole wide world. Because i believe, with education, we will see what we actually wanted to do in life and straightened up ourselves to do so.

However, don't start questioning what is "What exactly is the THING we wanted to do in life". Cause it'll lead to many arguments since its very subjective. All you need to do is close your eyes, open up your heart, ask Allah for his Petunjuk and you'll see what YOU wanted to do in your life, hopefully.

Its 4.30 in the morning, and i cant barely sleep due to high level of caffeine been sucked into my body. Jadi kau dengarlah aku mengarut ye..sekian..

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