Friday, 11 November 2011

Gold Coast ~ Part 3

Sorry guys..sekarang baru ade mase nak mengadap lappy, and reminisce all GC photos and continue my entry on this trip..

So, where were we? Yeah..15th October 2011, our 2nd day at GC but 3rd day of our trip..

Early in the morning, we went to police station, with the intention to make a police report on the loss of Liza's passport and purse. Despite of info we got from the police women from the previous night visit to the station, who told us to come back early in the morning to lodge a report if we cant get through to the Translink (the bus) Loss & Found line in the morning, we still failed to lodge any report as we had to wait till the Loss & Found to open on Monday. Yeah, we were devastated by the loss, as it taken some of our precious time, but it didn't stop us from having fun.

So, we decided to visit the nearest theme park, The Seaworld. Oh, before that, we did dropped by at Australia Fair Shopping Centre, with the intention to just look around but ended up spending some money on dresses and gifts. haha!

Seaworld of Gold Coast Australia is located at the Main Beach, which is about 4km from Southport, one of the main bus centre in town. It took us about 10mins bus ride. It was clear sunny day and we were served by the bright and nice beach view. We passed by the Southport Yatch Club which offered us superb and unforgettable view.

There were lots of things to see here. Dah nama pon Seaworld kan, tentulah this place exhibits various kind of marine life. We had the chance to have a closer look to these animals. It may sound lame, coz u'll say, so what? binatang je kot, not a big deal. But believe me, it was not lame at all. You'll be amazed by all the animals life here..all the animal which either live in the sea or by the sea. Animals that u impossibly found in Malaysia.

Not just that, you'll be amazed by how the park manage to keep these animal healthy and happily live in a contained exhibition glasses. How they successfully imitated the surroundings and climate that suits the animal's life very well. How they maintain the environment to keep these animal live healthily in one place. You'll may see in those pictures posted herein after, but it'll never challenged the real experience we had there.

Some of the exhibits...
The Penguins

under the sea
above the sea..notice how they put snow in that glass and maintain the temperature to suit penguins life? kire penguins ni perasan dok kat kutub utara la..
tanpa segan silu penguin ni buat projek ye depan org ramai..threesome lagik tuh..ish3..somehow, its amazing aite?

The stringrays

We can literally pet these stringrays with our own hands..

the polar bear

besau giler polar bear nie..tinggi dan besau..pehh..pestime tgk polar bear in real

cute bukan...?! see how they maintained the environment...amazing, amazing
The sharks and marine life

tiger shark??

camni dah takyah g scuba dahh..hehe.. bluffing on these pics.. all of the marine life are really lives in a super gigantic aquarium..u may wonder how they keep all the colourful coral reef alive..yeah, i think they pump in the salt water from the sea everyday and keeping the tank clean..

Furthermore, the place also offers events and shows. They also have amusement rides, trams circling the park, and cable car crossing the lake. We had the chance to watch few shows here like the jet-stunt show and the dolphin show. We were surprise that the show was never close to boredom at all. We enjoyed the show very much. 

The show...

Jet-stunt show

the stunt show..ko boleh buat ke camtu noxx? haha

The dolphin show

Super duper brilliant show..we were stunned by the bonding between human and dolphin.These dolphins are just 2 to 3 years old and yet they are surprisingly smart enough to interact with human beings. Great show dolphins!

Ok now lets look around the parks...

studying the map of the park..quite big but it is possible to walk from one end to another
gifts shop..wajib singgah of course..hehe
me and burung ape tah..tatau name die..screw me!

us and Mr Walrus

part of the park
one of the amusement rides and cable car
There are lot of other nicer view all round the park. We had so much fun out here.

Ok, the entrance fee..did i mentioned earlier that we pre-purchased our entrance tickets to theme park?  We've got pretty good bargain from this web. We bought 14days unlimited free entrance fee to three theme park which is Movie World, Seaworld and Wet & Wild with the price of AUD80 or around RM250 per person...

Enough about Seaworld..

That night we set our foot at Surfer's Paradise again and this time i had a real shopping at my favorite shop of all time..The Rock Shop..and yes..i am the collector of HRC me insane what-so-ever, but i am passionate enough to spend big amount of money to just buy HRC merchandise..and this time i bought Surfer's Paradise beach covers and a limited edition pink (breast cancer event) body shirt..

I would buy HRC collections in every country/foreign cities i set foot far (no intention of bragging here..just mere info's) i had one great jumper i love most bought in Paris, a body hug from amsterdam (can wear it only if i shed lotsa pound, but who cares! im a collector, anyway), and a t-shirt from beijing (bought by a friend, but i went to beijing once back in 2006).. i missed Bandung and Jakarta one coz i was not a HRC collector back, anyone who's going there, can i order one? huhu..hope to collect more in the future..haha..

So, that is all for the day..i'll continue the journey in the next entry yaa..

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