Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The power of reading

Now i realize the power of reading

Not just providing you with loads of information and knowledge but also sharpen your skill to write. Yes, i would say that everybody has ideas and thought, i good one, or even the highly-intellect-one-and-only one, indeed. But, not everybody have the ability or skill to devote their ideas in editorial way. This, i found it by experimenting myself, is due to lack of reading which resulted in lack of vocab, and incapable to combine simple but strong words to form a beautiful and meaningful sentences.

Yes, i'm not a reader. Don't have the passion to read. Do not have or deliberately not having the intention to spend my time and literally picks up a book and read it from skin to skin. I dont buy books or daily newspapers or even magazines (but i do lend them from colleagues or friends sometimes - not that im not read at all!)

When it comes to surfing the internet, I prefers surfing webs with pictures or videos and intentionally ignored words scrapping around the page. I dont read comments in Youtube. I barely visits wikipedia (duh!) or read reviews on hotel rooms or vacation packages. I enjoy looking at pictures or videos or flash vid or what not and making my judgement out of it. Like, when i was surfing the tripadvisor and came across with a picture of extremely beautiful interior 5-star-look-like hotel room, i would straight away think the place is awesome without reading the reviews from the other travelers which might provides me other important information like their services or cleanliness what-so-ever. This bad bad habit leaves me in vain when i would ended up in a crappy and not-worthy hotel room. It sucks!

However, recently, yep, recently when i started to have loads of time of my own, unlike of the old me who are so clingy with that dumb-ass-dude, i have started to have a new interest. I like to read now and i found it very amusing. At least, i am trying my hardest now to foster this new interest, which i found very beneficial, not only for me but also people around me (considering myself a tell-all-your-heart-out-to-people-around-you kind of girl) when i like to share reading materials that i found interesting.

Oddly, few weeks ago, i found myself in a book store (which only happens once in a blue moon, since i prefer to spend my money on clothes rather than books). And i was, successfully, paid over one hundred bugs for 4 new books. It is a big step. And i am proud of myself for that. Plus, its a self-help books. More reason to be proud of myself. haha.

I am always amazed by bloggers who can write well, who are successfully melting the reader's heart or making them smile and bring happiness or releasing them from work stress. Now i know their secret. You just need to spend an adequate amount of your time in a day to sit back and read things. Things that contented, meaningful and beneficial to you. Things that impliedly have impact on your daily life. Things that ignite your curiosity. Things that make your brain moves. Things that adding new stuff in your pot of knowledge. Things that make u think more. Without reading, you wont have the material to write. Or worse, you would never know how to spill out your feelings or tell others your thoughts in editorial way.

But wait, i was a reader during my teenage years. I did read lots of novels back then. At least i did read something. But i cant recall when i did stopped reading. It might be during my college years when i had all awesome friends and all i do is just simply hangouts and gossiping about all stuff. Its not bad after all, we were sharing thought that time but it was limited to how we feels and nothing about general knowledge.

Yeah, but i changed. At least, have the intention to change. Wait, no! I need to change. Literally do the changes, not only having the intention. To a better person who love to read. I want to be the one who walks the walk.

Semoga saya dapat lebih banyak pengetahuan lepas ni..jadi azam baru saya adalah untuk beli lebih banyak buku berguna...amiiinn...


  1. suka baca tak suka baca buku..kecuali buku bergambar2..hahaha..dah try baca buku2 yang banyak ayat tu memang lambat nk habis sebab lupa sampai mana dah baca n terpikir kenapa jadi macam tu macam ni sebab tu sebab ni...sebabnyer dah lupa kalau berhenti..tak dan nak baca 1 x terus habis...mustahil2....hahahalasan...
    sebab tu aku ada buku2 gambar2 jerk dalam gambar yg elok2 la...yg tak elok tak da lagi..hahaha..ko ada ke mek? aku nk potostat...(cuba ko recall balik pasal kes buku bergambar ni)

  2. ahhhaha..opkos aku ingat kes pasal buku bergambar nie..wakakakka

    weh..ri tu g ostrolia lupe nk bli buku bergambar x elok tuh..banyak kat sana..wakakak..oh? ishh..ishh..ishh..berdosa! wakakakaka